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Ramadan 1437: Faisal Tariq

Faisal Tariq

To accommodate the demand for residential spaces, Aligarh has been expanding steadily on its periphery. It is one such plot of land situated a few kilometres outside the city that’s keeping Faisal Tariq busy. Graduating from AMU, he worked for a while in Delhi. But the lure of Aligarh was strong, and the real estate market provided an opportunity.

Busy with the plot’s development, Faisal spends most of his time looking for investors these days. The project is named Sir Syed Farms. As the name suggests, farmhouses—a relative novelty in this area—are on sale. Brochures showed rendered images of a modernist house set on one side of a manicured lawn, with a pool on the other.

The plot is in the early stages of development. Spending a day at the site office is hard work during Ramadan. But Faisal has a lot of hope from the next few weeks.

“It’s a time for vacations in the Gulf during this month. This project is targeted towards NRIs, and they should start visiting any time now looking for property investments.”

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