Ramadan 1437

    Ramadan is a special month for Muslims. A month of fasting, charity, and spirituality for all Muslims. We will be doing a number of stories, photographs, and video to capture the mood of this month.

    Asif Khan is TCN official photographer for this month and he will be shooting in different cities of Uttar Pradesh. Asif is a documentary photographer, more about him here http://www.asifkhan.in/

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    Day 30

    Honey Khan

    Honey Khan

    Prime Minister, President and Vice President of India greet nation on occasion of Eid

    For second consecutive Eid-ul-fitr, “Shoulder to Shoulder Movement” to organise joint Shia-Sunni Eid prayers

    May Eid-ul-Fitr strengthen the spirit of harmony, peace: Modi

    Day 29

    Deeba Hassany

    Deeba Hassany

    Thousands offer Eid prayers in Jammu and Kashmir

    Muslims in Kerala celebrate Eid

    एक होती है जेल की ईद

    Day 28

    Mohammad Tayyab

    Mohammad Tayyab

    Telangana, Andhra to celebrate Eid on July 7

    ईद : भारतीयों के पास चांद के आने में देरी क्यों?

    Eid-ul-Fitr holiday in Delhi on Thursday

    J&K withdraws cases against 634 stone-pelters as Eid amnesty

    Day 27

    Mohammad Shariq

    Mohammad Shariq

    Indo Kuwait Friendship Society organizes Ramdan Ghabqa

    Passengers coming home from Dubai for Eid blame Jet Airways of leaving luggage behind to earn extra cash

    In Doda district, a 13-year-old leads ‘Taraweeh’ prayers; recites whole Quran in first 27 days of Ramadan

    जानिए, क्या सोचते हैं बनारस के हिन्दू रमज़ान और ईद के बारे में?

    Day 26

    Azeez ul-Haq

    Azeez ul-Haq

    Invited for iftar by RSS, Muslims got lectured by Indresh Kumar

    Day 25


    Zaitoon Nisa

    IMRC serves Iftar to 95,000 people in 414 villages across India during Ramadan

    रमज़ान के महीने में फ़ाक़े को मजबूर एक इमाम

    Day 24

    Nawab Mir Jafar Abdullah

    Nawab Mir Jafar Abdullah

    ‘Jumatul Vida’ prayers pass off peacefully in Hyderabad

    Thousands across J&K offer prayers on Ramadan’s last Friday

    Ramadan in Palestine

    Day 23

    Ajaz Farooqui“>

    Ajaz Farooqui

    Lt Governor skips Delhi government’s Iftar party

    We are not hosting any Iftar, says RSS

    दिल्ली उर्दू अकादमी की इफ़्तार पार्टी पर सवालिया निशान!

    Students in Kozhikode extend Ramadan relief to Tribal people

    रमज़ान का साथी रूह अफ़ज़ा…और क्या चाहिए

    Elaborate arrangements in UP for ‘alvida namaz’

    Day 22

    Mariya Hasni

    Mariya Hasni

    For Adil Ashraf Khan, fasting is no excuse to stop exercising

    जहां रमज़ान की बरक़त हिन्दुओं पर बरसती है

    Day 21

    Danish Qavi

    Danish Qavi

    US-based IMRC provides over 48 lakh meals to poor across 22 states during Ramadan

    Manipur Muslim Students organize Iftar party in Delhi

    Day 20



    This Ramadan (and forever) be a good wife

    IMRC serves over 10,000 people during Iftar Program in Manipur and J&K

    Impossible to not miss home during Ramadan, say NRI Muslims

    UP Congress cancels iftar programme

    Day 19

    Mohammad Basit

    Mohammad Basit

    In UP, Bihar and Jaharkhand, 2,680 poor and needy families benefit from IMRC’s ‘Ramadan Feeding Program’

    नन्हें रोज़ेदारों की दिलचस्प दास्तान

    Day 18

    Adnan Ali

    Adnan Ali

    Day 17

    Reshma Sadiq

    Reshma Sadiq

    IMRC’s help for poor and needy continues in Kashmir; 700 families provided with ration for Ramadan

    Day 16

    Khursheed Khan

    Khursheed Khan

    ISKCON holds Iftar gathering

    Day 15

    Nazreen Bano

    Nazneen Bano

    IMRC organizes Iftaar program for 1200 people in a Kashmir village

    Day 14

    Abdul Hameed

    Abdul Hameed

    Widowed in Ramadan by rioters, Rukayya now lives for three daughters

    IMRC’s ‘Ramadan Feeding Program’: 600 families in Kerala receives ration

    Day 13


    Shadab Hussain

    Day 12

    Noor Jehan

    Noor Jehan

    निज़ामुद्दीन का रमज़ान यानी मजबूरियों का रमज़ान

    Day 11


    Jameel Akhtar

    Are Masjids in India serving their role?

    Day 10



    Day 9

    Nafees Fatima

    Nafees Fatima

    Three Ramadans without Mohsin Shaikh, a mother recalls memories of her son

    Day 8

    Mustaqeem Ahmad

    Mustaqeem Ahmad

    रमज़ान में मुश्किलों से जूझ रहे हैं बनारस के मुस्लिम

    Day 7

    Unsa Rehmani

    Unsa Rehmani

    Surviving in the worst: The tale of widow Rohingya refugees living in Jammu

    Day 6

    Faisal Tariq

    Faisal Tariq

    Day 5


    Mohammad Tarique

    Rohingya refugee and Ramadan: A story of hope of a 16-year-old boy

    Day 4

    Binnish Affan

    चम्बल डायरी: ‘घर में न सहरी के लिए कुछ है, न इफ़्तार के लिए’

    Day 3

    Ahmad Faraz

    Charity: Resetting priorities, redefining roles

    Day 2


    US-based organization distributes ‘Ramadan ration’ among widows, Rohingya refugees in Jammu

    Surplus Zakat and the increased poverty in Muslims

    Day 1

    Shah Mohammad Shadab

    This Ramzan, be a good husband: Say No to domestic abuse