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Ramadan 1437: Nazreen Bano

Nazreen Bano

By Asif Khan, TwoCircles.net

“It’s my first roza today.” Nazreen tells me, but then quickly clarify that it is her first fast after getting married.

She remembers being steadfast when she was younger. She was around 15 or 16 years old when she first began to fast. “At that age, I used to see others fast and feel motivated,” she spoke with excitement. She would fast with her younger sister, and send some Iftar items to the local mosque as well.

Getting married brought change. “I fasted for two years, and then got married,” nodding her head to the suggestion if she felt fasting and prayer helped her get married to a caring husband. She ended with a coy complaint: “It’s all his fault that I stopped fasting.”

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