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Ramadan 1437: Matinuddin


By Asif Khan, TwoCircles.net

“I was born in ‘46, and have been fasting since ‘61”, Matin Uddin reminisces when asked about Ramadan. He retired a few years ago as an Assistant Commissioner in the Labour department. “Right through my teens, college and then 39 years of service, I haven’t skipped fasts during Ramadan,” he continued.

Right through the years of employment, he made numerous trips across Uttar Pradesh to sugar mills for inspections. And there would be adequate arrangements for Sehri and Iftar at the state guest houses he stayed at.

It’s the second time in his life that he’s witnessing Ramadan during summer, the other time being in his youth. He had pleasant memories of how he would drink fruit juice to get over the anxiety of fasting during an oppressive summer. Things are different at his age now, but he continues fasting, something which he is very grateful to the Almighty for.

“All I can say is,” he said in conclusion with a chuckle, “Nafl roza rakha nahin jaata, aur Farz roza choRa nahin jaata.” (I find it difficult to keep voluntary fasts, but I find it difficult to leave mandatory fasts).

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