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Stars of North East extend support to Ashram for senior citizens in Nalbari

By Nurul Islam Laskar for TwoCircles.net

Nalbari: A team representing the ‘Stars of North East’ (SNE) visited the Santi Niwas Anath Ashram in Nalbari on Wednesday with a view to exploring avenues for extending ongoing and sustained support to the destitute home which has been in the news for sheltering old and helpless parents abandoned by their offsprings in different parts of Assam.

SNN 02
Mazibar Rahman (2nd from left), founder of Santi Niwas Anath Ashram, Nalbari receiving support from ‘Stars of North East’ members who visited the Ashram on Wednesday.

The SNE was established in Sep 2014 with the prime objective of unearthing, showcasing, and mentoring of talents in the society. So far, they have presented the ‘Star of North East’ award to ten outstanding youths of the State who have shown excellence in the fields of sports, academics, literature, IT, art and culture. In course of time, the members of SNE felt that they could also use their strength to help the poor and the needy in the society.

Accordingly, members contributed in keeping with their capacity and funds were raised to help Santi Niwas Ashram in Nalbari who were rendering yeoman’s service for the welfare of the infirm and sick senior citizens of the State.

Speaking to SNE members, Mazibar Rahman, founder of the Ashram, informed that about 15 years ago he came across an aged couple in Dhekiabari in Nalbari District whose three sons and one daughter were quite well off. But at one time they abandoned their parents, who faced starvation, and the father committed suicide out of abject poverty and on account of mental shock arising out of neglect by children. Rahman took care of the family for quite some time. Even since then, he has been a Good Samaritan for no less than 300 such people, of all caste and creeds, many of whom were reunited with their families due to his counselling and persuasion.

SNN 04
Mazibar Rahman (2nd from right), founder of Santi Niwas Anath Ashram, Nalbari welcoming the ‘Stars of North East’ team members who visited the Ashram on Wednesday

The SNE team handed over a cash amount of Rs 11,000 to Rahman in addition to fruits, snacks, used clothes and other edibles for the inmates of the Ashram. The team was very happy to learn that two local doctors of Nalbari, Dr Dhrubajyoti Deka and Dr Syamanta Kalita, are now visiting the Ashram regularly and rendering free service to the inmates.

The SNE team held discussion with Rahman and his associates to work out modalities for sustained support to the functioning of the Ashram so that more and more needy people may be benefited in future.

The author works with Ajmal Foundation and the Consulting Editor with The Sentinel