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Thousands of Muslims attend rally under the name of Shivaji in Raigad

By Imran Inamdar, TwoCircles.net

The Muslim Shivshahi sankalp Medava (rally) was organised on September 24 at Raigad under the banner of Chhatrapati Shivaji Muslim Brigade and the Tipu Sultan Brigade, and received a positive response from the thousands who attended the rally.

This rally was named Mission Raigad and aims to make Maharashtra riot-free and spread secular qualities of the Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Despite continuous rains and landslides in nearby area, more than 4,000 people from all parts of the state took part in the rally.


Chief organiser of the rally, Shaikh Subhan Ali, said in his keynote address that Shivaji loved Muslims and teachings of Islam. He pointed out that nearly 30% of his soldiers were Muslims. “Riots always harm all communities… it is time now to come under the banner of Maratha Seva Sangh for the purpose of a social front to make our state riot free and spread the peace which Shivaji dreamt of,” he added.

Noted personalities of Maratha Seva sangh and Sambhaji brigade Manoj Akhre, Arjun Tanpure, Jayant patil, Toufiq Patel and Shrimant Kokate attended the same as guest and addressed the people.

Arjun Tanpure, the leader of Maratha Seva Sangh said, “We are really very happy that Muslim brothers are joining the hands with Marathas for social cause. We too will prove ourselves as best friends of Muslim and ensure that Mission Raigad will be a grand success.”

During the rally, organising awareness campaigns all over the state and encouraging more Muslims to work with all the 32 units of the Sangh were discussed and a resolution on the matter was passed unanimously.

Chief organiser Subhan Ali informed Twocircles.net that they also decided on an action plan named ‘Mission Pansare 150’ under which they will conduct total 150 lectures in each and every city and Taluqa of the state to show the real face of Chhatrapati Shivaji and spread brotherhood.

Govind Pansare was the author of famous Marathi book ‘Shivaji Hota’ and a pioneer activist, who was shot dead in Kolhapur a few years back.

It is noticeable that venue of the rally, Raigad, was Shivaji’s capital and September 24 is celebrated as Coronation day (Shiv Rajyabhishek Diwas) all over Maharashtra.


In Raigad, Muslims will rally under the name of Shivaji to make Maharashtra ‘riot-free’