Is Coimbatore again on Hindutva’s radar?

By Riaz Ahamed for

Violence is not new to the Hindutuva gang. The brutal and unholy attempts that have paid rich dividends in the North are now being tried in Tamil Nadu. The Dravidian tradition and the social harmony prevalent among the different communities here act as the check points for their progress. In Tamil Nadu, the Hindutuva agenda is mostly carried out by the outfit named Hindu Munnani.

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torching of police jeep
Torching of police jeep

Coimbatore district has earlier witnessed the ugly and brutal face of Hindutuva. The district that witnessed the origins of Hindutuva in early 1980s paid a huge price in late 1990s. Now, with the BJP at power in the Centre, these elements are trying their best to have a firm grip in the State and thereby to reap the political gains.

The recent murder of a district functionary of Hindu Munnani by unknown persons was also used by the fascist forces to unleash violence in the district. The leaders of BJP and other fascist factions have time and again blamed the Muslim community, without any concrete evidence. The police investigations into these murders, that number around a dozen, show that business rivalry, personal enmity, illicit relations were the reasons behind the murder. Personal enmity was the reason in the recent murder of a Vishwa Hindu Parishad functionary at Hosur. But the Hindutuva elements, who are staunch supporters and advocates of Goebbels doctrine continuously, blame Muslims for these murders.

attack on shop

Sasi Kumar, a Hindu Munnani district functionary was hacked to death on September 22. Members of Hindu Munnani hurled stones at the Government Hospital, where Sasi Kumar was taken for treatment. Immediately after the death of Sasi Kumar, Hindu Munnani cadres resorted to violence. Petrol bombs were hurled at a few masjids at the early hours of the day. Stones were hurled at the Government and private buses and the traffic was halted at most places in the district that hugely affected the office goers, business people, students and the general public. Hindu Munnani cadres break open the doors of the shops and looted the things, which are clearly recorded in the CCTV cameras. The unruly mob ransacked the parked two and three wheelers in the road and does not even spare the autos that were carrying the school kids.

The vehicles and shops belonging to the Muslims were targeted in particular. Tension mounted when a group of Hindutuva elements who were forcing to close the shops were encountered by Muslims. Police vehicles were also burnt and police personnel were attacked by the fascist elements.

attack on bus by bjp cadre

The permission given by police to take the body of Sasi Kumar, as a rally from the hospital to his residence was questioned by the public, as most of the arson and lootings were carried out at that time. Stones were hurled at the Mosques during this rally that covered a distance of nearly ten kilometres. The public are also of the opinion, that had the police taken timely action against the mob, the violence could have been controlled.

The estimated loss of the properties is not yet calculated, but is expected to run in crores. Hindu Munnani State president Subramaniam stated at a press meet on September 23 that Tamil Nadu will be transformed into Gujarat. The pattern of attack shows that it was well planned and clearly targeted the business establishment of the Muslims.


The attack and the social media posts by some Hindutuva elements cast doubt on the murder of Sasi Kumar. A well known Hindutuva figure in facebook posted of a likely attack on Friday well before Sasi Kumar was murdered. A thorough, free and fair investigation by the police will nail the real culprits.

The secular parties and the Tamil and Dravidian Movements have sought a thorough probe into the murder and the resultant violence. A group of nearly fifty lawyers has filed a petition demanding action against Hindu Munnani.

PFI NEC member with collector
PFI NEC member with collector

Popular Front of India is in the forefront in giving the required legal assistance to the people. Nearly 30 FIRs have been filed so far, by the efforts of PFI. The party’s leaders met the City Commissioner and District Collector on September 23 and demanded action against the Sangh Parivar forces.

The general public got a clear picture of the Hindutuva group as the atrocities committed by the members of the Parivar are clearly documented and widely circulated in the social media. The people of Tamil Nadu have once again proved social harmony and the inter faith relations cannot be damaged by the divisive Hindutuva elements. The support extended to the Muslims and the firm stand against the fascist forces both in the social media and in the field serve as a model for the entire country.

The author is Associate Editor, Puthiya Vidial, a Tamil magazine.