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Kolkata women welcome Triple Talaq judgment

By Mirza Mosaraf Hossain

Women organizations in Kolkata on Friday welcomed the Supreme Court decision on Triple Talaq terming it historic which will usher in new era for Muslim women.

Organisations including Rokeya Nari Unnayan Samity and South Kolkata Society for Empowerment of Women also roped in several victims of Triple Talaq, professors, lawyers and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Khadija Banu, Secretary, Rokeya Nari Unnayan Samity (RNUS), elaborated the plight of Muslim women due to instant talaq in Bengal. “Islamic laws have been updated in accordance with time and civilizations in many Muslim countries like Arab. If Muslim countries can update Islamic Sharia from time to time, then why a secular, liberal country like India cannot do so?,”  Banu said. She also claimed that her  organization will fight for equality, security, safety and equal right in properties for women.

Former Judge of Kolkata High Court, Malay Sengupta who is also President of South Kolkata Society for Empowerment of Women highlighted the politicization of Sahabano case during his short lecture. “ Few Muslim politicians are ruining the lives of thousands of Muslim women by formulating merely some laws and not introspecting the aftermath of the laws that adversely accelerate the plight of the women,” he said.

Tahamina Bewa, a 36 years old widow and victim of triple talaq who came from Domkal, Murshidabad district to attend this programme, also narrated her plight. “It’s a matter of great joy for many Muslim women like us who are forced to live in plight due to instant triple talaq. Men pronounce Talaq by writing on a piece of paper and even uttering on phone,” she said. “My husband left me by saying triple talaq when I was 22 years old and married other woman. I am forced to live with my father who is very poor,” she said.

Several other women Ira Khatun, Saira Khatoon, Rahima Bewa, Ulia Khatun, all victim of triple talaq or polygamy, too attended the program. Most of them expressed satisfaction over  on SC’s verdict and hoped no one else will face the same sufferings anymore.