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Ramadan 1438: Aamir Wani

Aamir Wani

By Nawal Ali Watali, TwoCircles.net

“I remember, as a kid, I and a few friends of mine would take a Shikara ride from Mujahid Manzil to Khankah.” Says Aamir, a freelance photographer and writer.

“I don’t remember how much it used to cost us but I remember we used to have enough money in the pocket to pay for it. All because of Eidi.

Khankah used to have these ferry rides for the kids at Zaina Kadal and we used to wait for hours to get into one of those. Life was simple and Eid was fun,” adds Aamir who, this Eid, gave Eidi to kids of a small school in Budgam , in the form of stationary and books.

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