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Unrest and unease over draft NRC

By TCN News:

Publication of Assam’s draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) has caused both concern and unrest not just in Assam but also across the nation. However in Assam security has been tightened across the interstate boundaries with security police being posted on the boundary.

In the state itself section 144 has been imposed in 7 districts and 200 companies Central

Forces have been deployed to maintain law and order.

Holding a press conference in Kolkatta, Moktar Hossein Mandal of Indian Karate Association and World-mixed Martial Arts Council, yesterday, said’ excluding 4 million people from the NRC list is nothing but a plot to destroy the Bengali nation as an overwhelming majority are Bengali speaking Muslims.

Poet and journalist Moktar Hossain Mandal said this discrimination is merely on the basis of language which is a shameful thing and should not be tolerated.  This is similar to the emergency situation of 1977, he said, urging Indians all over not to tolerate these fascist policies of the current Government.

MA Ali of the Indian Karate Association said things were more reasonable and there were solutions when the NRC was neutral. But now the NRC is not neutral and is acting on behalf of the current regime that seems to be bent on violating Human Rights and Fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of India.  This is an insult to the constitution as even courts of law are not allowed to function as per the law but by some people who are creating unrest and turmoil in the country.

Others present at the press conference were Buddha dharmguru, Dr. Arunjoti Bhikshu, Shri Mani Kumar Maharaj, Swami Uttamanda, Maharaj, Mohammad Ehteshamul Haq, Sardar Khaldenza Singh, Shiekh  Raja and Manimala Haldar.