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Strict action demanded against the Azaan International school management for the rape of a child

By TCN News:

The rape of a 4 year old girl in the premises of Azaan International school on 14th September has shocked Hyderabad city. The case is shrouded in a lot of controversies and secrecy.

The Socialist Party (India) Telangana in their press release dated 21st September have condemned the incident and urged the Hyderabad Commissioner of Police, Telangana Director general of Police and caretaker Home Minister to handle the rape case of the child of Azaan international high school, Tolichowki, on a fast track and treat this as ‘rarest of rare’ case.

The General Secretary of the party has raised some important questions as to what for the school is taking safety fee from the parents if they cannot provide safety to the children? Why hasn’t the sections 5(f) and 5(j) of the POCSO Act not been invoked? Why was there a delay in arresting the accused even after the girl had identified him?

The general secretary Lubna Sarwat also brought to the notice of the press some facts about the missing part in the CCTV footage that was taken from the school; Why did the doctors at Niloufer hospital discharge the girl even before she was normal? Why has there been lack of support from the school authorities to the girl and her family?

She also alleged that some reporters have brought up the truth about a similar incident in Azaan International school by the same accused earlier and no action was taken then against the school management and the accused. She demanded the truth about this fact.

The SP ( India) also demanded best medical treatment be given to the child with counselling to help her overcome the trauma, stringent action against the accused and the school management that tried to cover up the issue.