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Opposition parties condemn Bhagwat’s call on debate on reservations for SC/ST

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 Political leaders of congress, activists, Dalit leaders including Bhim army leader, Welfare party of India have all condemned the call made by Mohan Bhagwat, in a program organized by the RSS on competitive exams to debate whether reservations are needed or not so that a solution can be found without rules and without a law.

This statements has been called as anti-Dalit exposing the real face of the BJP which has many RSS workers in the party.

Dr SQR Ilyas, President of Welfare Party of India (WPI) in the press release has condemned the statement issued by the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to have a national debate on reservations for SC/ST.

Criticizing the RSS chief, Dr Ilyas said this is a conspiracy against the marginalized section and is dangerous to social justice.

He also said that the reservation given by the constitution was to remove the centuries old discrimination of the SC/ST by the upper caste and a means adopted to empower and bring them in the main stream, he added that Mr Baghwat statement will rekindle the flame and strengthen the ‘sanghist’ ideology.

He said this anti Dalit stand was expressed earlier by the BJP government, diluting SC/ST reservation by introducing 10% economic reservation and this statement again reiterated that stand.

Dr Ilyas urged the other SC/ ST political parties of NDA who support the BJP to rethink about their support to BJP which is basically anti Dalit, anti reservation and thereby anti-constitution.