Book Release: Story of Babri Masjid – pictorial history of Babri Masjid

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“The Story of Babri Masjid” (Babri Masjid ki Kahani), a pictorial history book in English, Hindi and Urdu was released in the book release event organised by the publishers, Alternate Press in New Delhi today.

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This book is being published at a time when Ayodhya case arguments are progressing in the Supreme Court.  Though this book with cartons and narrations is primarily meant for children, it is equally aimed at the new generation born after the demolition of Babri Masjid.

At the same event, two other relevant books “Warriors of Malabar: Muslim Religious Scholars” (English) and “Badr: Lessons of the Battle” (English) were also released.

Advocate A. Mohammad Yusuf released the book on Babri Masjid while the other two books were released by E.M. Abdul Rahiman.

Abdul Rahiman paid tribute to A. Sayeed, the author of the book Badr: Lessons of the Battle, who passed away a few months back.

While delivering his presidential address, A.S. Ismail, the Managing Director of Alternate Press said that in the present context where efforts to rewrite the history by the fascist forces is being made, these books are aimed at creating awareness among the youth towards the real history of the country and their forefathers.

Popular Front of India, Chairman E. Abubacker, while expressing his views on the books said that “we should never let the memories of Babri Masjid vanish from the minds of people. The three books are most relevant to the contemporary situations of this country and I hope the efforts of all those who are behind this work, will bring fruits”.

The meeting was also attended by Ravi Nair (Director, SAHRDC), Advt. N.D. Pancholi (Forum for Citizens for Democracy), Dr. Taslim Ahmad Rahmani (National Secretary, SDPI) and Prof. Rakesh Ranjan (Delhi University).

Parvez Ahmad (Director, Alternate Press) welcomed the guests and Salim Shaikh presented vote of thanks.