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After 11 years, the CBI wants to exhume Ayesha’s body for further investigation

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The latest in Ayesha Meeran case, the 19-year-old pharmacy student who was brutally killed 11 years ago in the ladies hostel, Ibrahimpatnam, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh is that the CBI, who have been handed over the investigation want to exhume her body to collect DNA samples and re-post mortem the body.

Ayesha Meera’s body was found in a blood bath with legs and hands tied to water tap and the iron rod, with her own dress in the hostel toilet in the early hours of morning on 27th December 2007.

Right from 2007, the police were trying to arrest anyone who fit the bill. And after unsuccessfully arresting the cook of the hostel, and another suspect, they had arrested a small-time thief, a young lad, Satyam Babu, who was forced to confess that he murdered Ayesha. Ayesha’s parents refused to believe that it was Babu who had committed the crime.

But now that Satyam Babu has been acquitted by the court in 2018, after 8 long years, the case has been handed over to the CBI who is investigating the crime at their own pace.
In the latest move, the CBI has sought permission from the court to exhume the body. They first approached the parents of Ayesha who refused to give permission because they feel it is not really necessary as they had already told them the names of the persons they suspected to be behind the rape and murder.

TwoCircles.net spoke to Iqbal Basha, father of Ayesha Meera, who said, “the CBI is investigating the case in a very soft way. Instead of interrogating the suspects strictly they want to exhume the body of our daughter. We consulted with the Imam and other religious heads of our town who said it is not permissible to do so. And we denied permission from our side. The application of the CBI is now pending before the CBI court.”

The need to exhume the body rose because all evidence such as the DNA samples, clothes, reports, letters and other materials collected in 2007 are missing.

The hostel warden Koneru Padma and her husband Shivram Krishna, Kavitha and Soumya – the two roommates of Ayesha; the three suspects (as per the parents of the deceased) – Koneru Satish, Aburi Ganesh, and Chintakumar have all been interrogated.

But the interrogation has not led anywhere so an appeal for NARCO analysis test was made by the SIT which was rejected by the city court.

Ayesha’s mother Shamshad said, ” We don’t really think exhuming the body will be of big help. The persons whom we suspect should be questioned. Maybe her room mates know but are not revealing the truth. We are waiting. And hoping”.