BJP’s demand for arrest of Geelani biased: JKLF

By News Agency of Kashmir


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Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Farooq Siddiqi termed the demand raised by BJP members in Lok Sabha for arrest of Hurriyat leader Sayeed Ali Shah Geelani as biased and reflecting anti Kashmir posture of the party.

In a statement issued here today, JKLF chairman said that the members of Indian Parliament have never raised the issue of 'human rights abuses which has become a matter of routine since last 17 years and a method of governance for occupation'.

"Democracies are not defined in what is written in the constitutions, but by the fact how it functions on the ground", Siddiqi said. He said Demand of cession by a state is not a crime, especially when it is guaranteed by a highest body of world nations i.e. UNO adding India should learn lessons from civilized democracies of the world if it wants to claim its membership in the club of democratic countries.

The JKLF Chairman said Canada did not get belittled by granting the right to secede to Quebec through referendum; rather it elevated its position in the international community as a working democracy, adding "Similarly if India would allow referendum in Kashmir; it will strengthen and enhance its image around the world as a democratic country.

"The authority that India claims in Kashmir is through coercion and any authority based on force is elusive and temporary, Siddiqi asserted

The statement said that the Indian Parliament members who proclaim to represent the so called democratic society of Bharat must open their eyes to the facts and realize that Kashmir is not an integral state of India and is internationally acclaimed as disputed region.

"Kashmiris right to self determination can not be stifled by the high pitch shouting in Indian parliament but by implementing the UN charter and resolutions which has precedence over any parliament especially when the country is signatory to the charter" the statement claimed.

Warning people of Kashmir, JKLF chairman said asked them to be vigilant against the designs of those who are pretending to support the on going movement adding that they are actually damaging the Kashmir cause by playing politics for meeting their own vested interests.

The statement claimed that Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front will continue its struggle for the unalienable right of self determination and seeking an independent state for the people of Kashmir irrespective of their color cast creed or religious and ethnic background.