Helping hearing impaired choose their husbands

By IANS, New Delhi : In a unique bid to help hearing-impaired women find a suitable partner, an NGO here has teamed up with a leading marriage portal to hold a traditional marriage ceremony Wednesday.

Into its 15th year now, the swayamvar, which is the traditional process of a woman selecting the man she wants to marry from a gathering of suitors, is gaining popularity as applications pour in from across the country.

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The special initiative is being organised by the Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women (DFDW) in association with

“Last year we had 15 women getting married to the man they chose in the swayamvar. This year we have 52 people registered,” said Indu Sabharwal of DFDW.

“This is an ideal opportunity for hearing impaired men and women to meet under the same roof, along with their guardians, and choose the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with,” she added.

The Pranay Milan Sammelan 2007, as the event is called, is expected to attract last minute registrations too.

“We expect at least 10-15 last minute walk-ins as well. With the portal’s involvement, the number of people registering has risen,” Sabharwal said.