Ramadan 1439

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims. A month of fasting, charity, and spirituality for all Muslims. Like previous years, we will be doing a number of stories, photographs, and video to capture the mood of this month.

Poornima Marh is the TCN official photographer for this month and she will be shooting in Bangalore. A graduate of National Institute of Design, she can be followed on Instagram.

TwoCircles.net invites its readers and reporters to contribute photos and articles to capture this month. If you too want to participate in this project then send your pictures of Ramadan to [email protected] along with date and place where the photos were taken and a selected few will be published along with your name. We are also sharing some photos on our instagram feed @tcnpix.

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Uzair & Nawaz

Though two-thirds of Ramadan is still left Faizal Gafoor has already started preparations for Eid. Every night he gets call from Kids asking "Baba kab aaoge​?" (When will you come, Dad?) Faizal was running his own eatery in Multan region of Pakistan. ‘‘As an entrepreneur I was not that brilliant, so ended up in loss, then a friend invited me to Dubai. Here I am working as second chef in a Lebanese restaurant and slowly clearing my debts." "Job owner sanctioned my leave to go home and meet kids just after Eid, so I have already reached the Eid mood." "In Pakistan Ramadan is very colourful and noisy affair. Iftar preparations, live bazaars, wake-up knocks from sehri drum beaters….." "Here there is no arguments between people during Ramadan, it is a matter of real peace. Job is easy too. Ramadan is same everywhere, but we observe it with different flavors-just like living in two kind of world. indeed its a wonderful experience.’’ Photo and text by @savadrahman #ramadanstories #ramadan #ramadan1439 #mydubai?? #pakistan

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Day 10

Zainaba Farzana and Haroon Rafiq

I met Khan Zada in an antique and handicrafts shop in Dubai Old Souq. He is working in a shop selling spices and aromatic products. He put all the aroma into his smile. Khan Zada is here for the last four year. ‘‘I dont have any complaints in life, I am a man with full of hope- and Ramadan take me to its peak. Everyday so many tourists visit this souq and like you me too ask them about the culture and Ramadan in their countries." "I have relatives and friends here. And we'll get all the Pakistani food and products in Dubai. So I don't feel that I am far from my country. And we left home for the sake of our home, so no worries,’’ Khan Zada says with a wide smile. photo and text by @savadrahman #ramadanstories #ramadan #ramadan1439 #smile #pakistan #mydubai?? #Dubai #oldsouq

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Day 9

Mohammed Ali Vakil

Sawad Kunji Muhammed has almost forgot the last Ramadan and Eid he celebrated at home. 40 year old Sawad hails from #Chavakkadu (also known as Mini Gulf of Kerala). He has been away working for the last 12 years. Two years in #Qatar and a decade in U.A.E. ‘‘Earlier I used to cry on sehri time (athaazham in Malayalam) due to homesickness. We consider Ramadan as the time of togetherness, but we are far away from our dear ones on these special days." "My father was an expat, I missed him a lot during childhood, now my kids miss me. It is life's cycle’’. Sawad who works as an office boy now had a network of friends all over the country. Some Emirati friends used to gift him sweets and dates and he'll pass on this love to compatriots. "During Ramadan I'll be free by 3PM. I spend some time to recite #Quran and for prayer. Then will move to meet and greet friends in every corner of Dubai and Sharjah. Don't know how long I'll continue this Ramadan routine, may be till the end of this life cycle'' photo and text by @savadrahman #ramadanstories #ramadan #ramadan1439 #mydubai?? #dubai #kerala

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Day 8


Muhammad Yunuss aka Yuni started his expat life in his own country. This run-away child from Punjab had an eventful life in Karachi. "I was very studious in school," claims Yuni. But my father told me to go and study in madrassa were I had memorized by heart almost one third of Holy #Quran. But life was not that easy. Maulvi saab's horrible beating forced me to run away. I ​traveled without ticket all the way to Karachi. Worked as a househelp and washed number of cars. We can't finish the story in a day or two, so I am writing it as a book. If I studied in school and colleges i might be wearing the coat of a doctor or lawyer. But now I have a white coat of Barber. Here in Dubai it is compulsory for saloon workers. This is not a small job. I love my job and coat– now I live without depending on anyone. You know on my younger days I survived with free meals served in Abdulla Shah Ghazi Darbar in Karachi. Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness. God will grant whatever we ask sincerely. I pray for the safety of whole world, even for the wellness of my Maulvi saab. -as told to @savadrahman #ramadanstories #ramadan1439 #ramadan #mydubai?? #dubai #pakistan

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Day 7


DAy 6


I spotted sparkling-eyed Abdul Jaleel from a prayer row. I waited for him outside the mosque. Jaleel puts on his shoes and moves towards the water trolley parked near the mosque premise. "Hi, you looks so happy today." ‘‘Yes brother this is one of the most happiest and peaceful Ramadan for me. ​There was some crisis at home and I was searching for the solution, at that time i got visa to Dubai." "Almighty God knows our need better than of us and bless with abundance. Now i get decent salary which is enough to maintain my family in Nigeria, This is the time to thank God". I told him about the recent blockbuster Indian film with a Nigerian youth playing the central character (Sudani from Nigeria, director @zakariyaedayur ). "No I don't know anything about that film, but as you said water scarcity is severe in our country. But fortunately here I am working in a drinking water company – See, God's blessings are beyond our imagination! " #ramadanstories #ramadan1439 #ramadan #mydubai?? #Dubai Photo and text by @savadrahman

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Day 5

Arif Vakil

Mrs.Bubbles Khandhari looks very excited as she host the grand Iftar for the sixth consecutive year. She welcomed her guests, reassured the arrangements, again and again looked at her watch. Holding an Iftar is so common, what is special here?? This iftar happening inside Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple in Dubai. The event started with Quran recitation and prayer mats were neatly arranged for Maghreb Namaz. Bubbles is the Vice Chair person of Dubai Gurudwara headed by her Spouse Mr. Surender Singh Kandhari. ''Enjoyment of embracing and giving-that's Ramadan to me. We are living in difficult times, but tolerance will cure lot of ailments which our world is facing. Other than Iftar we are distributing langar everyday which serves as suhoor for many low-income workers. We can't imagine how much happy they are. We are giving back to the society which allowed us to built one of the most beautiful Gurudwara in the world''. She once again looked at her watch and said "it is 20 minutes left for Azaan." photo and text by @savadrahman #ramadanstories #ramadan #ramzan #mydubai?? #ramadandubai

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Day 4
Munawar Ahmed

​''If you are busy at work you wont get tired during Ramadan,'' says Muhsin Khan Sikandar Khan. Karachi-born Muhsin who is more than 70 year old was busy with a pair of torn shoes. After he was done with the pair they looked as good as new. ‘‘Chacha, but you charged only two Dirhams (less than a dollar) for whole work, is it profitable​’’? ‘‘Profit​? what is the real profit of life? see, that was a poor man's shoes. Its shape itself is the real proof about his condition. yes, I charged less. He approached me only because he couldn't afford a new pair. It is not jaayaz(allowed) to overcharge from poor. My Creator is giving me all the blessings in life, then why should i take from people?, it is my everyday policy, not a Ramadan special offer." Muhsin Khan has been living in Dubai for more than 45 years. Even if you don't have a shoe to mend anyone can visit him at his shoe repairing booth near Al Ghubaiba Metro Station and Harab bin Harab Masjid. I bet you wont learn such lessons of humanity and social responsibility from any University. Precious gems are rare in this earth. Photo and text by @savadrahman #ramadan1439 #ramadan #pakistan #mydubai?? #emirates #ramadanstories

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Day 3
Yasir Hussain Shariff

photo and text by @savadrahman "Tired and thirsty classmates," this is how Prashant Kesavan recounts his first memory about Ramadan. Prashant who is not a Muslim grew up in a multi-cultural Kerala village, Muslim fasting (nomb in Malayalam) and Eid festivals were known to him from childhood. However he realized its festivity and real beauty after coming to U.A.E. "In Dubai Ramadan is special month for all. Whatever the religion, nationality, language… everyone greet Ramadan Kareem and shows respect to each other," says Prashant who is working as a security guard for the last 8 years. "I don't observe fasting, but I'm always ready to adjust my duty and offer service for fasting colleagues. My salaam to all the fasting brothers and sisters". #ramadan1439 #ramadan #mydubai?? #uae #kerala

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Day 2
Andaleeb Wajid

Day 1
Hasan Ali Qadri