US Muslims request CBI enquiry into AMU Disturbances

By reporter


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Association of Indian Muslims (AIM), a US based organization of Indian Muslims have requested the government to have CBI look into the causes that lead to recent disturbances on Aligarh Muslim University campus. Kaleem Kawaja, president of AIM said that Indian Muslims are very disturbed on the recent events at AMU campus.


Press release by AIM read “A wave of extreme lawlessness is sweeping over the sprawling campus of this century old very distinguished university.� Recently, the Vice-Chancellor Naseem Ahmed resigned from his post. Two students have been murdered within a month. When final examinations were going on in the university some students attempted to stop the examination because they were barred from appearing in the exams for failure to attend classes.


Kaleem Kawaja alleged that “a set of hooligans that includes a few students supported by a few teachers and university staff members are using violent methods to paralyze the functioning of the university and to force the university Administration to grant them special privileges.� He further noted that “some of them have grabbed university property illegally and some hooligan non-students are occupying rooms in hostels at the university. These miscreants are well armed and routinely threaten students, teachers and administrative staff.�


According to Kaleem Kawaja “most students and teachers at the University are serious students and teachers interested in serious academic pursuit.� He alleged that these honest teachers and students are being prevented from doing so by a handful of hooligan elements.


AIM as representative of Indian Muslims living in US appealed to India's President and Prime Minister to immediately institute an independent enquiry by the Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI) into the harmful situation at the Aligarh Muslim University and implement the CBI findings expeditiously.

They further appealed to the Government of India to take effective steps to save AMU from harm and restore a healthy academic atmosphere at AMU.