How Madrasa can be improved?

Recently HRD ministry came up with proposal to set up Central Madrasa Board (CMB). After opposition from some Muslim MPs, Kapil Sibal has asked Muslim MPs to come up with a fresh draft of the bill within one month, clearly stating how the Muslim community wants the board to be.

We requesting our informed visitors to come up with ideas to improve Madrasa overall.

Important highlights of the Central Madarsa Board Bill

Poll: Do you support proposed Central Madrasa Board?

Start posting your ideas in the comment section below. Discuss and debate the solution not the problem.

Solutions suggest so far: [till 20 Oct 2009]

End free food: Riaz Ahamed
Update syllabus: Riaz Ahamed & P.M.Pareethu Bava Khan
Establish open days for non-Muslims: Ahmed
No separation between religious and worldly education: Shad
Community involvement in education and management: Anwar
CMB funds for madrasas should be routed through Waqf Boards: P.M.Pareethu Bava Khan
Weekly health screening of students: Salafi
Give 0.05% of our income to madrasas: Sharey Ali Haque
Interaction with students of other schools: Giri
Encourage sports: Giri
Understanding subjects not rote learning: Giri