How Madrasa can be improved?

Recently HRD ministry came up with proposal to set up Central Madrasa Board (CMB). After opposition from some Muslim MPs, Kapil Sibal has asked Muslim MPs to come up with a fresh draft of the bill within one month, clearly stating how the Muslim community wants the board to be.

We requesting our informed visitors to come up with ideas to improve Madrasa overall.

Important highlights of the Central Madarsa Board Bill

Poll: Do you support proposed Central Madrasa Board?

Start posting your ideas in the comment section below. Discuss and debate the solution not the problem.

Solutions suggest so far: [till 20 Oct 2009]

End free food: Riaz Ahamed
Update syllabus: Riaz Ahamed & P.M.Pareethu Bava Khan
Establish open days for non-Muslims: Ahmed
No separation between religious and worldly education: Shad
Community involvement in education and management: Anwar
CMB funds for madrasas should be routed through Waqf Boards: P.M.Pareethu Bava Khan
Weekly health screening of students: Salafi
Give 0.05% of our income to madrasas: Sharey Ali Haque
Interaction with students of other schools: Giri
Encourage sports: Giri
Understanding subjects not rote learning: Giri

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Madarsa products

The root of the problem is not Madarssa education per se, but the entire Muslim population of India is itself to blame for this stereotype. It is high time the historical errors of separating religious and worldly education should be amended.

It seems that the Madaris are producing aalim/huffaz fit to lead prayers in local mosques, but not those who can solve the country's problems. This will not happen unless the syllabi is transformed to include subjects like English, science and maths - it is the responsibility of the local Muslim communities to initiate these changes, as the Madarssa management is hardly aware of the idiom of the day.

Actually, we can take some lessons from convent schools - despite being independently governed they provide quality education for all. Another approach could be to start such schools where regardless of their economic background students can enrol, and receive good education. Though such attempts have been made in right earnest, they usually fizzle out because of lack of vision and insincerity at some point.

Shaad, lets think

If convents are considered secular, how many of us are asking for their audit what they teach as long as we pay the fees and get better results. Result is that Muslim boys too complain about curtailment of Christmas leave while not bothering about Ramazaan. They dont know religion beyond namaaz being called prayer and dua called supplication. they call their book Koran because that is what the English call it. They cant read the Qur'an lest understand it. Dr Zakir Naik says he is weak at Urdu and knows no Marathi, what language was he speaking at home, certaily not English. This shows how dumb Muslims have become. Basically Muslims try to do everything ending up doing nothing. No Urdu, No religion, no English except Muslim names written in hundred styles, as they please or to please others. Surely, this too is coming to end when people insist what you call your city, what language is permissible and what should be title to you shop which has nothing to do with any govt aid or policy or protection. You shop which is signed as Lakhsmi (not Laxmi) in vernacular language except no Urdu in Kashmeer, is target because the private intelligence know you are a Muslim.
Anyway, by trying to create MBD and order by Kapil Sibal to this effect as if Muslim MPs are his private servants not people's reps shows how a new stereoptype and new stick is being created that too in short time so that the Congress has one to thrash Muslims(do not forget Shah Bano) and giving one to the other on so called opposition. In fact the govt want the 96% of leftover Muslims to join the madaris segregating them from the Public Funding even IITs have. They are in fact asking Muslims to fend for themselves. It is shameful perversion of the constitution.
I am trying to open a school which will not any govt strings attached but am apprehensive because many Muslim parents will not send their wards to my school because it is not a convent, not having church and St prefixed to its name.

assalmualikum, how will

how will kafirs help in making madrasa better?
they are so up the world order that they dont like anybody but who has no belief but is willing to play roles of a muslim hindu christian jew whatever the political need.
if the govt. is serious lets ask them to first deliver on the promises made for last sixty yrs. till then let them know we have no trust in them yet cause of waiting for them to get their act together.

ask them to start giving permissions to build mosques. not letting us do that is against the spirit of democracy.
they dont want to help they want to interfere. there should be private boards for all kinds of schools. what do the politicians know of education? why have standardised mediocrity. so masses are docile and spoon fed fake realities?

muslims should make their own schools even if they dont get govt. recognition. community should help these kids getjobs and become independent entrepreneurs. but for all this first muslims will have to become muslims.

its time to become muslims and depend only on Allah(swt). all those interested in opening up their own schools on islamic fashion should come togather on a website i will open in a few days then i will call it "waytogive" which stands for "WAY to Global Islamic Vision for Education" check it out at .
i have been working on the curriculum as well as the roadblocks.
solution .. dont mingle stand up and show the way by doing the right thing even if it is really small. i take no funds and no orders. i break no law of the land and ask you to do the same. you dont need money to educate. you need a teacher with right intentions and correct ilm and a student who wants to learn . every street can have a school with a few dedicated teachers and students. no need of huge infrastructures as the govt. suggests. they wont give it either as they are busy taking away whatever we have.
check the website tomorrow 12 april 2010. let the deed be to Allah's liking. And may He accept it for He is the best protector and best guide and the best friend.
and may better people of ummah do better than this.

May Allah help us thinking the way you do....

Dear 'talibe raza',

May Allah help us thinking the way you think. The ID chosen by you shows this spirit.

Madras a products

If I can act, I will close down all Madrasas.

Please see Ghulams and Thomas' write up under uniform civil code discussion..

Our leaders have ghettoized a majority through increasing separation and isolation; that we fin d ourselves bewildered at the world, further backward.

Mr Thomas and Ghulam have really articulated a plausible scenario ..tht we won the war and lost the battle..

First of all, its a good

First of all, its a good intiative twocircles, but you will have a number of muslim posers who will not give any constructive ideas like what is happening now.

I suggest you create a forum with a discussion board and get volunterr mods to monitor this discussion and other discussions with the public. Please give serious though on establishing a forum board for Twocircle community

On the topic in hand, there are lots of misconceptions about Madrassas even though only 4% of children go there. I suggest a media savvy campaign from the muslim community that reaches out to madrassas to establish open days and media days for the local community to come and see what happens. They can also do short courses like for a week or so. And establish a few courses for non-muslims even to help them understand what happens there.

Normally people send their

Normally people send their children to madarasas because that is the place where the food is provided free of cost.This scenario should be changed.The free food scheme in the madarasas should be abolished.The students in madarasas should know their true values and only then they will benefit the community.At present the community is investing a huge amount on madarasas for which there is no profit.
Next important thing is that the age old syllabus of the madarasas should be changed.The madarasa students are unaware of the current issues and we can clearly say that they are not even aware of the islamic issues.
A lot has been discussed about this subject in all these years and now its time for us to act.


It is strange of you to say that the community is spending lot on Madarssas and not having any profit- if a lot was being invested, Madarssas would not be in the pathetic state they are in today. Go and visit any Madarssa in a Muslim neighbourhood (ghetto) in your city, you will see most have substandard toilets, meagre beddings, and even old Qur'an copies.
Profit is surely there in the hereafter- tell me who will perform your Nikah and Janazah if these Madarssas do not produce such students? The general Muslim population never bothered to learn beyond few Surahs of the Qur'an, that too by rote.
Abolishing free food is the silliest idea I have heard, if the well to do Muslims are so concerned that only poor students are coming through the Madarssa system, then why don't they send their own wards to this system, instead of such useless suggestions. I am not saying everything is right with the Madarssas but it is to their credit that they do transform a good number of poor students into capable Imams- else these children would grow up and become a social nuisance.

Instead of pointless criticism, one should try to make some valuable suggestions.

Thanks for ur comments on my

Thanks for ur comments on my suggestions.Brother be frank in ur criticism.Our community is ready to offer food for madarasas, at the same time are we ready to do the same to school going children?In most madarasas they take their food and dont even wash those utensils.I can give proof from various madarasas even from those who have studied in them.The present day madarasa education have made them idle.
Brother now no one is depending on them to perform the nikkahs and janazas.I can again clearly say that most of the alims dont know even these rites to perform as taught in the quran and hadhees.Profit is sure in the Hereafter but what is the use now for the community.They learn for seven years confine themselves to a single room in the Masjids and end their life.We dont expect this from the people who claim themselves as the heirs of Prophet (sal).

Mufti Ismail Malegaon-MLA is

Mufti Ismail Malegaon-MLA is also a product of these Madrasas!

Come close to Madrasa

People should start taking more interest in neighborhood or native place madrasa. Honestly speaking how many of us visit madrasa on regular basis. We limit ourselves to just paying Zakat to madrasa. We should join the management and try to bring in fresh ideas. When professionals start taking personal interest in Madrasa then things will definitely improve.

Spending few hours in Madrasa in a week will make lots of difference. When everyone start taking care of their neighborhood/ native place madrasa then tradition of going door to door for collection will also stop.

Everyone from locality should be encouraged to spend few hours with Madrasa children weekly. These few hours can be spent reading newspaper, discussing about new technology, teaching computer, English etc.


The education through Madrassa may be streamlined and should be planned in a balanced manner taking the reality of the situation into consideration. The syllabus should be revised in a supplementary and complementary mode with general education in a qualitative as well as quantitative dimension.

The Central Madarsa Board need a re-look on its proposed structure and function. I think that the structure of the proposed board should be decided up on with utmost care. It should be well balanced with competent persons having very clear, right and proactive views on religious as well as main stream education.
The scheme is seen to have been molded to suit the system prevailing in North India. It is to be redesigned to suit the system prevailing in other parts of India also.
The main problem is with regard to the channeling of the fund through State Govt. The smooth flow can be ensured if the funds are routed through Wakf Board, or through District Collectors etc. A state level mechanism can be created with the Wakf Board for monitoring and watching the utilisation of the fund with periodical check up by the officials of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt of India. The system now being followed by the Ministry of Rural Development, GOI can be made applicable here also. The RD Ministry is giving funds directly to DRDAs of the Districts directly through out India.
P.M.Pareethu Bava Khan
Secretary General,
Unity for Social Development, Kerala

The main purpose of

The main purpose of madrasas is to provide islamic education to muslims.A student after spending 3-4 years in a madrasa becomes a HAFIZ-E-QURAN.A Hafiz can work as a an IMAM to lead daily 5 time prayers of a mosque,and in his spare time can earn money through self employment/ small business etc.For a Hafiz student it should be mandatory that he should not be more than 10 years of age,at the time of admission otherwise it will be difficult for him to complete the Hafiz course.For a Hafiz course mostly poor and orphan students are availble since their guardian is unable to provide for food ,school fees,medical and other expenses.A Hafiz cannot understand Quran and meanings of Hadith,for that he should opt for an Aalim course.The duration of Aalim course is 8-10 years.An Aalim can deliver friday speech,conduct arabic class,daily darse-Quran and darse hadees and conduct marriage ceremoney, funeral ceremoney etc etc.After spending 4+8=12years in a madrasa,students have to search for a mosque where there is no regular Aalim.Since there is no permission to build new mosques, it is very difficult to find a vacancy in existing mosques.Govt.should allow for building new mosques.
All madrasas should employ a doctor to check students health on weekly basis.Madrasa syllabus should be taken from madinah university as the students if they are meritorious can continue their studies in saudi arabia at the cost of saudi govt.scholarship.Also our sectarian differences will be avoided through uniform syllabus of madrasas.
An Aalim completes his course at the age of 16-18 years.After that if his madrasa is affiliated to CBSE board or any state divisional board like for eg. the madrasa at Malegaon Mansoora,is affiliated to pune divisional board,then the student can further continue his studies in 11(fyjc) in arts faculty.Or he can opt for ssc-external(16no.form),and further continue his studies till graduation.
Madrasas should be hyegenic with all building and sanitory facilities.
Darwins theory should not be included in any science subject.
An Aalim should be paid a salary of Rs 15000/per month,by the muslim community.The community can pay this salary very easily if each member is donating minimum Rs.100every month(considering 200 members/mosque).

Let's do something concrete

Let us pledge to give 0.05% of our income to nearest Madarsas to support its infrastructure. Govt has been doing its job and will be doing. Let MPs and Social Activitist do their job. Let us we ensure that certain percenatge of our income will go to the nearest madarsa of our place.
Once madarsa will have money, everything will imporve gradually.
Madarsas are not only the place for Islamic Eductaion. Its is a parallel education sytem to western education with the same goal of producing educated and cultured citizens to the society.
Hence, only giving suggestions for free, because is giving you an oppertunity is not all.


The students of Madrasas should have interaction with students of other schools in the areas of sports, debates, scientific experiments etc. The Madras shouldn't not be left out from the mainstream or else they will have difficulty later in terms on interactions.
Sports should be encouraged with necessary facilities provided, as it will promote health and well being of the students that will help students in grasping what they learn. The learning shouldn't be rote, but with very high level of understanding whether it is religious or science.

No thread picked up shows...

I am aghast for the fact that nobody has picked up my thread of opening schools in area where we do not have any or are just on papers. Why to single out Muslim population intead of making it all inclusive. This thought comes to mind who are of the opinion that it is the Muslim community which is languishing in past or penury but fact is that more than 60% of Indians are suffering.
There is an opinion that many individual efforts fizzle out due to lack of sincerity. The fact is here in India we tend to be complacent once we have invested certain resources and never visit back the system whether it is serving the purpose or not. Many who have the spirit to do something do it vain because all the grants and permissions need political backing which is a sure corrupting system. In one of a big town, a not so sincere person sought permission to open a school which by law was well within the laws laid down but the local MLC who belonged to the ruling party and runs a school as private enterprise albeit aided by govt made it sure that the permission is not granted. Another politician and ex-MLA and minister in the state was bribed which made the govt permit the individual to start the school. Now, the school is a statistical hurdle because both the school neither try to impart the needed schooling, while they block the way of another school which might be doing so.
In India we tend to do things but there is no aim. If the govt can bring out a project which seeks applications from interested people and makes it sure that the results of investments are achieved without politics interfering, that will help the situation. If the govt is trying to single out the madarsas and not people at large. The exclusiveness of the madarsah board would make Muslims even more susceptible to be branded 'appeased'. Another way, they are being tried to be separated so that they are asked to fend off for themselves and have no share in the national resources.

As salam aleykum, What we

As salam aleykum, What we can have is a central board governing madarsas. The board managed(curriculum, session details and policy) by few who are in deen(could be hafiz et al) and are in duniya(Say AIIMS, IIT, IIM graduate). And a few inspectors(need not be as good as policy makers, general muslim junta is okay) to ensure the implementation of policy.

Surely these dual good people(Hafiz and IIT/AIIMS/IIM graduates) are rare, but there are few, atleast I know one who was IIT JEE 49 ranker and has a strong Islamic root(now at anyways, IF WE WANT TO GROW A CROP WHAT DO WE DO? WE FIND THE SEED AND PLANT IT. IF WE WANT AN ALIM AND IIT DEGREE IN EVERY PERSON IN THE WHOLE SOCIETY, BETTER WE MAKE USE OF THE(VERY FEW) EXISTING ONES.

Madarsas Should of Zakir naik school typ arabic + english medium

Simplest and Best way

govt is not privatizing wakf (which is full of curroption and Muslim r get minimum bendfit 4m it) or not even acting on the request of many muslim jamaat for handling wakf or changing the head eligibilty 4 wakf

so the idea of founding a center board with the help of Govt is of no use and then muslims will be totally misguided , infact we can ask the funds if they want to provide

but centralization should be solely done by muslim organization or co-ordinate committee which is formed by them

we can also take Dr zakir naik help on this issue as he is having plans on this

and plz now we alll have 2 wake up URDU is Not Muslims Mothertong or Religious Language its Arabic and we should have Arabic Medium schools and COlleges now or english mixed with arabic like zakir naik school

by this we can have access to gulf (by arabic) and rest of the world (by english), were does Urdu Helping us No were

Zaki naik type schools

Dear anon,
Your comments are intentionally good and appreciable.But is it practicable?Zakir naik type schools are charging students more than convent schools.The parents who are educated and well paid will strive hard for their children to have a better school.
There is no need to preach Urdu language schools as defunct,When lakhs of other language schools are competing with english medium school, urdu medium schools too can do the same.Urdu is not our enemy, but the hate campaign by the fascist organisations and their well thought out strategies to keep muslims backwards on all fronts,is the real enemy.You can feel it even if you are convent educated, you will be cornered due to your religion.The talk of mainstream is nothing but a tool to convert muslims as secular muslims(those who think that islam is a private matter).
Your reccommendation for arabic plus english language schools is most welcome but community should provide these schools to students at affordable fees.

Although Arabic is our religious language,but language alone cannot produce good muslims.There are other factors like parents lifestyle and their islamic knowledge etc.

And above all we should not forget that Allah is with need to panic,just follow the commandments of islam we will be successful,Inshallah in both the worlds,this world and the hereafter.

Do something

Dear all Assalam o Alaikum

Going through the comments and suggestions by others I could not understand what people want from madarsa? some says that Urdu medium school should be encouraged, some writes that we should think for the Arabic language. Why we are still in the 'language lab', just get rid of such thoughts , we muslim can understand any language and can save our cultural heritage as well.

We must think for the modern education and in the internationallly required/suggested language.Allah has created all the civilisations and their languages. He can understand any language , not only Arabic and Urdu.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

Be sincere and show your interest in education not buildings....

We Muslims should look into our past how the Muslim genius were imparting education then only we can have a nice and secured future through education.We have lands buildings structures but we Muslims are lacking human resources which is need of the hour.See the Christian Missionaries how efficiently they run their schools giving and imparting education for all people coming from different castes creed religions.
Its open every child from lower to upper class income group and household Muslim parents prefer to admit their ward in Christian schools because of their quality education and chlid's overall developement is seen as cash in hand.
Regarding suggestions on present day education we should take lessons from the schools run by non Muslims and our Mullahs are there for imparting religious education.

Do not banish local language for Arabic or English

Being in education field for last 18 years, I am of the firm opinion that learning a language without understanding it is of no use. This is true of Arabic as taught in makaatib and English as learnt by wards of unlettered parents. For English it is more than that. The child who does not know a word of English endears the language till the time she/he learns it the way the first langauge is learnt. This continues for the life of that child and we find many such burnt out language faults in English educated people around us.
I am planning to start a school so that other too start so and the best survives. In fact I am contemplating it under the title "Jihad-Saa-Zindagi". This came to my mind as I went down the memory lane. During my high schooling my reading of Urdu and English publications from Iran on the Islamic Revolution talked about the struggle of making the nation after the King fled and Iran was trying to go on its own with the USA and its allies and agents trying all the tricks to deny it the same. The fact is, as we tell, history. Iran is on its own while its adversaries are scattered. Please remember that during college days, the Gulf war happened and I remain an ardent admirer of Saddam Husain for Iraqi defiance of the USA but the conduct of Iran too has its own position in my persona. A Sunni bu birth, I am not able to hate any sect except the non-sects.
I welcome any competition from people around me so that we make 'exemplary' Muslims and in turn India. In my view India would not be the super power in conventional sense of it but a true Islamic society encompassing all the faiths, a true reflection of the ideal Islamic System which existed during and just after the Prophet (saw).


All the languages are created by Allah(swt), but Allah(swt)has encouraged learning Arabic,the mother tongue of prophet(saas),which is the language of Allahs book Quran.Therefore even reading as well is considered as worship and Prophet(saas)said.Anyone who reads Quran will be rewarded for each and every letter as TEN good deeds.
As far as your comment on Irans "islamic"revolution is concerned,there were 40%sunnis in Iran at the time,now like Saddam they have reduced their less than 3%.No sunni mosque is allowed in Tehran,whereas Church and synagouge are allowed.
My similar comment earlier was not published hope this gets thru.Thanks

Why not banish the local Language?

"learning a language without understanding it is of no use" is right but if you want to acquire knowledge, which is not available in your mother tongue then learning that language gives you nothing. I think Learning Arabic is must to understand Holy Quran and other religious Books. As far as English is concerned it is need of the hour, it makes a person employable. I think Subjects should be taught in English only and arabic along with other languages must be taught as languages in Madarsas as well as schools In my opinion Languages should not be considered sacrosanct but only a medium of Communication and learning. As far as Madarsas are concerned they don't have proper monitoring and evaluation. There are no trained and good teachers.



Two Questions to Muslims

Dear All,

There are many suggestions which need be complied as file and go through them seriously.

I have 2 questions to Muslims

1. To those whose children are in school and there is no arrangement for Islamic teachings for them

2. To those whose children are in Madarsas and there is no arrangement for basic worldly education.


One must obtain a copy of Darul Oloom Nadwa-tul-Olema, Lucknow where we can find that the same curriculum we need among all Muslim children from Madras and School.

Nadwa has focused on basic worldly education like Science, Math, Geography, Persian, History etc till the class of 8th in Madarsa system or you can say till Middle class of Schools, then the whole focus till Alimat or Fazilat ( 10, 10+12, BA & MA) are on main purpose of Madarsa education like Quran, Hadeeth, Tafseer and Fiqh along with English and comparison between religion + Islamic and Indian History..

I think most of Muslim will agree that this is the very balanced curriculum for Madarsas, however there are some more needs to be adjusted like a student of Fiqh should be trained in the law of land, existing economic system, existing social fabrics and compare with Islamic ones then only those students would be able to lead Muslim community to a better place than pushing them to blank point of backwardness.


One must obtain a copy of curriculum from Jamat-e-Islami or Zakir Nayak International School where the basic and necessary Islamic teachings have been included in the system and the emphasis is being given to implement the same in soul and spirit so that none children feel lack of basic Islamic knowledge and lead their lives and continue their education on worldly subjects like science, math etc..

However here there is need to train student to compare their education research in the light of Quran and Hadeeth and take the leaf out of well-known Muslim scholar in past.

So for 2 questions, we have answer, however we need a panel of experts from both Schools and Madarsas to ponder over how to make a balance in both curriculum so that children can get a balanced education with the sense of pride for both education and can use their knowledge according to Islamic spirit of (Iqrah).

Now there is no need of Madarsa Board as this has played a vital role to make Muslim Dalit, and now we will not test the same water twice.

As a Muslim should be bitten twice from the same hole.

Mohammad Kalam

opening of madarasa

assalamu alaikum, this is zakir frm hazarath makkan, vellore. in our street there are lot of poor children, they does not know the basic knowledge of islam and namaz. and even how to read quran. we have a jamath in our street and trying to open a madarasa. there is a darga in which lot of peoples are living in tht dargas property. we have told them to reside there . but now they are trying to sale it. our jamath members told them not to sale because it belongs to darga. but they have formed a group and trying to capture the whole property with the help of some politicians and policemen.our jamath members are unable to do anything. now we have decide to hand over the total property of darga to wakf board. so tht our muslims may get knowledge of namaz and reading quran. but we dont know the procedure how to do it. please help us in this.con:9994026583

allah haafiz

India-a democratic country

@ Naqqaad...

We need a democratic system which is much more democratic than now...mot Ram Rajya nor Islamic system which includes Sharia...

madarsa and school are same

The question it self,is discriminating Madarssa is like any other school but common in Muslim community There are different schools in different languages and regions which are doing well. in same manner muslim community should take care of their education.the goverment is doing its best with regards to education and there will be a goverment school and a madarsa next to it.The maulana will try to get students to the madarsa and the goverment school will have no students Where as the maulana and the locals should encourage the goverment school and give their help and expertise to this goverment school and teach them our religious teaching And if the goverment creates any hurdle then the maulana and the local muslims must fight with the goverment for their rights.

A)Muslim will be in the main streamB)They will use goverment sources for their benefit C)Discourage maulanas to collect funds and misuse them in the name of madarsa.Students will get balanced education planned by expert Encourage muslim to pay taxes and zakat to organised institution

Vande mataram, co education, sex education ,facist from other community, Hungry maulanas ,Politician They may pose great hurdles. Which the muslim community and the Goverment should take care.

The Nation have take care of its Muslim population Which is large In numbers, talented Progressive AND build a stronger Nation.

Include maths, science,etc.

Include maths, science,etc. in the curriculum, and of course the language english.
unite the madarsas through a central board like cbse, icse


I think madrasas sahi position me hai. ham logoka imaan ki taraqqi jaruri hai. with out imaan we are not a muslim despite of bearing arabic name. Imaan kabhi barta hai kabhi kamta hai. Imaan ki charcha karega to imaan barega imaan ki charcha nahi hoga imaan kamega. Imaan sahi ho to sab kuch sahi hoga mann bhi sahi hoga thinking bhi sahi hoga. sahaba(r.a)log kahi sakhat hotato unlog aposme imaan ki baate kartatha. ek sahabi huzur(s.w) ko kaha me aap ke paas jab rahtahu mujhe 100% imaan lagtahe aur jab gharme jatahu hu to iska kami lagtahe. so muslims should have good connection with masjid. muslim ke sakhat hoto salam bhejo uske baat imaan ki baate kaho. to hamlogoka imaan ki taraqqi hoga uske baad hamara mann sahi ho jayega. hamlog sahi ho jayenge to sab kuch automatically sahih ho jayega . no need to criticise like ahle-batil's. our way is different. our way is the commandment of allah and sunnah of rasul(sw). you will never go astray


If, as per Sachar report, only 2% Muslims are studying in Madrassas then why don't we focus on improving the rest of the 98%- why blame the Ulama who pass out of these institutions for all the ills of the community?



Central Madarsa Board

Religion is not like secular knowledge which requires class-room study.Every muslim is supposed to study The Holy Quran and Hadiths.Insight into Islam is gained through Allah's guidance.Despite all religious /madarsa education,one may not become religious.One becomes religious only when Allah guides him/her.Therefore madarsa education is a myth.Secondly,madarsas flourish because poor muslim parents send their children to madarsas for food.We don't come across rich parents doing so.Thirdly,chances of employment are bleak for madarsa students. On completion of madarsa education,they either become Imams and Muazzins in Mosques or set-up petty shops. One can't choose religion as a profession.There is no concept of priesthood in Islam.In the mosques,they are paid for religious acts like leading the prayers.This practice is contrary to the teachings of Islam.Fourthly,madarsa students lead miserable lives as compared to modern educated students.They remain as poor as they were.Madarsa education brings no quality change in their lives.
It is high time that we scrap madarsa institutions and replace them with modern educational institutions.
Now the right to education has become a fundamental right.We should persuade the poor parents to send their children to schools where they get cost of free books,Mid-day meal and scholarships.

Any Debate Must Lead to some Consensus.

Analysing the question leads to two basic question.

1. How to strike reasonable balance between Deeni and Modern Education.?
2. Which type of Support is obligation of Indian Government.?

Only few of Ulema are utilising fullest of their training in the matters of Deliberation and Guidance of Muslim. Remaining are working as intermediary between GREAT SCHOLARS and common muslims(say Muballigh). My suggestion is that this division should be made formal. so that Madaris focus to only few brilliant and devoted candiadates to make them GREAT SCHOLARS. They will build upon existing treasure of great work done by earlier Muhaddiseen, mufassireen and Fuqha'. They will guide ummat in any newer matter of significance.They will also supervise training of another cadre, say MUBALLIGH.
Muslims must refuse any Government assistance for this category. It is Community's responsbility to provide bset possible care to such scholars and their academic pursuits. This category should be free from any body like Madarsa Board.

Muballigh/Hafiz category of religious students' curriculum can be streamlined so that some sort of recognised professional education can be accomodated according to their capacity. This will ensure modest respectable living for them and free them from any dependence to work as Imam and muazzin. Commanding respect is desired in Islam. Professional part of their education should be funded by Government.

School/college/university students should recieve full government support like their fellow Indians. the need of their Deeni Education should be fulfilled by the services of Muballighs/Hafiz. Muslim social groups must come forward to help Needdy students of this category, the same way they are helping to madarsa students. This will reduce burden from madarsa and no child will be forced to join madarsa against his aptitude, just for the sake of financial assistance.

All the premises of Deeni education are, and should be, left open for NON MUSLIMS who want to know what is being taught there.

Observation and solution

I see in every mosque some Maulana standing up after Namaz and asking for monetary help to some remotely locataed madarsa ( which is mostly unheard of in that area where mosque is located ) and mentioning the statistics of madarsa students then closing the slaes pitch with referene to Quran and Hadees.
Now if these numbers are true, then I wonder where these students go after completing their education? Because, the number of mosques and newly formed muslim colonies are very less as compare to the number of students passing out of these madarsaas every year. For example, if a madarsaa produces say a moderte 40 graduates every year, but the area where these Graduate Maulanas will search for job like Imaam or Moizzan will be having hardly two or three new mosques, then there will be a competition for getting these positions of Imaam and Moizzan in mosque and deserving three ( or lucky three ) will get it, what will happen to the rest of 37 passout Maulana??? I observed they are going to Hydrabad etc for doing some private course in "JHAAD PHOONK" etc and coming back and setting up their shops and treating people from "Jinn...Jantar Mantar..karni magic etc"....I dont blame them for this, because even today such things are in high demand specially now when television is promoting " nazar suraksha kawach" and other such amulets through telemarketing. Also, so far most of the madarsa dont teach them any other skills which are useful in this totalitarian system of economy.

Also, many incidants of fake mullahs collecting money with fake photo and statistics have been reported. Few of them have commissions as larege as in the ration 51%-49%, means 51 percent will of the total collection will be kept by Mullah and 49 percent will be kept by Madarsa. The division of percentage varies depending opon Mullah's eloquency of speech and his abilities to appeal to softer side of muslims through speeches, Koranic quotes and Hadees.

One more thing, I observed that the kids who are very restless, dont study well, fight with other kids ( in general urchin ) are usually admitted to Madarsaas by their poor parents assuming that Madarsa education will straighten him out but it could be otherwise and such a mischievous Kid if became Imaam could use his knowledge and position to his advantage and could cause harm to society.

Now the solution I propose is

1). There is no need to make any more new Madarsaas, Instead concentrate on improving the exisiting ones.

2).Connect all madarsas to some central Board ( at least formally ) and provide a common syllabus for at least first few years. later on each Madarsa can provide students with optional subjects or specialisations of their own curriculum. But at least the "Asari Taleem" ( the general subjects like science, maths, history, politics, technical etc ) should be same through out every Madarsa.

3). Madarasaas should produce graduates who are either equally capable of other graduates like ( B.Com, BSc, BA,) or with some technical knowledge like I.T.I and various Technical Diplomas, so that If these studetns dont get a job in mosque as Imaam etc they can earn through their technical knoweldge and skills and dont have to go for "jhaad phoonk, black magic breakers, amulet " options.

4).People should stop admitting their dull, urchin, out of control kids to Madarsaas instead they should admit the talented ones who could be an asset to the community and guide us to the right way, if properly educated in Madarsaas.

5). A central vigilace committee should be formed to keep eyes on travelling Mullahs who ask for money in mosques after Namaaz. This comittee can issue some genuine I-cards to selected authentic zakaat collector Mullahs after checking their background. This step is necessary to make sure the zakaat money is going in right hands. Muslims should ask for the said I-card before giving money to mullahs.

6). Take as minimum help from Government as possible as this is our internal matter of improving the community and we Indian muslims are perfectly capable of taking care of our problems if we honestly decide to do so.

7). Record should be kept on Hajj pilgrims and people should be adviced not to go to Haj more than once instead donate this amount of money to Madarsaas. I know it sounds a little far fetched but if implemented it will yeild results.

Need Connectivity Between Madrasas

We need all madarasas come under same umbrella like CBSE,State Board to form Madrasha Board. It not onlt teach Islamic inaddition to teach in science,mathematics etc to help the students to attain the good position in both life.