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Assam's 'Jackie' also helped baby Moshe escape Nariman House

By Syed Zarir Hussain, IANS,

Kazigram (Assam) : Sandra, the nanny of little Moshe Holtzberg whose parents were killed in the terror attack on the Nariman House in Mumbai, may have received international media attention for saving the baby but the valour of an Assamese youth in the same incident has gone unnoticed.

Zakir Hussain, 23, was along with Sandra and experienced the 13-hour ordeal at Nariman House, all along holding on to the baby, before helping the nanny and Moshe to escape.

Book Review: Schools Or Hate-Labs?

By Yoginder Sikand,

Maharashtra Muslims want Ml Badruddin Ajmal to do his AUDF experiment there

By Abdul Hameed,,

Mumbai: In line with recent voices about a Muslim political party, Maharasthtra Muslims today in a convention expressed their wish to form a Muslim-based political party which will include other backward and poor classes of the society irrespective of their religions.


Why no CBI probe into Hari Masjid firing case: Bombay HC snubs govt.

By Abdul Hameed,,

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court came down heavily on the state government and the CBI in Hari Masjid firing case on Monday and asked the central investigating agency why it had denied investigation into the case.

"The CBI will have to investigate the matter to restore the faith of all the sections of our society in the system," the court said.

Farooq Mapkar, who was injured in Hari Masjid firing, had filed a petition in Bombay High Court asking CBI inquiry in the matter.


Storm as Antulay sees conspiracy in Karkare death


New Delhi : Minority Affairs Minister A.R. Antulay raised a storm Wednesday after saying that slain Maharashtra police officer Hemant Karkare was a "victim of terrorism plus something". As the opposition bayed for his blood, his own Congress party quickly distanced itself from the remark.

A former chief minister of Mahrashtra, Antulay made the remarks first to reporters in parliament complex saying the terrorists who ravaged Mumbai Nov 26-29 had no reason to kill Karkare, head of the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) of Mumbai Police.

Congress to hold rally in 'terror-tainted' Azamgarh

Lucknow : The Congress party plans to hold a rally this week in Uttar Pradesh's Azamgarh district, where a number of residents have been arrested for terrorist attacks and the Muslim community is complaining of victimisation.

"Digvijay Singh, along with our state president Reeta Bahuguna Joshi and other leaders, will hold the rally in Azamgarh town on Dec 20," state congress spokesperson A.P. Singh told IANS Wednesday.

Digvijay Singh is Uttar Pradesh Congress in-charge and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister.

Who killed Karkare: Muslim leaders support Antulay’s views

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: When Union Minority Affairs Minister A R Antulay today said Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare might have been killed due to his investigation of the Malegaon blasts he must be knowing he was raising a big storm in the political corridors, as he was the first leader to touch the issue.


‘Violent reaction has no place in Islam’: Dr. Fazlur Rehman Madni

By Aleem Faizee,

Widely acclaimed Mufti and renowned Scholar, Dr. Fazlur Rehman Madni is an authentic voice of over 20 million Ahl-e-Hadees Muslims who live in India. An important member of Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadees Hind, Dr. Fazlur Rehman Madni achieved the doctorate in Islamic studies from Jamia Islamiah Madinah Munawwera in Saudi Arabia before joining Jamia Mohmmadia Mansoora in Malegaon as Shaikh-ul-Jamia.

No question of our re-conversion: Chand Muhammad

By Andalib Akhter,

New Delhi: The newly converted couple to Islam Chand Muhammad alias Chandra Mohan and Fiza alias Anuradha Bali have said that their image have improved after converting to Islam. Talking to this correspondent they said that there is not question of their converting to their previous religion under any pressure. " I have been influenced by Islam from my child hood. I have studied the religion. Marriage with Fiza is not only a reason for my conversion to Islam" said Chand Muhammad who was the Dy chief minister of Harayana before embracing Islam two week ago.

Congress distances itself from Antulay's Karkare remarks


New Delhi : The ruling Congress Wednesday distanced itself from Minority Affairs Minister A.R. Antulay controversial remarks on slain Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare, suggesting he was a "victim of terrorism plus something" and that his killing Nov 26 during the Mumbai terror attacks could be linked to his probe into the Malegaon blasts.

"The Congress certainly does not subscribe to his remarks or with his formulation," party spokesman Abhishek Manu Sanghvi told reporters hours after Antulay made his remarks.