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One soldier killed in Kashmir army operation

Srinagar: One soldier was killed and another injured Saturday in an ongoing operation against separatist guerrillas by the security forces near the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir, an officer said.

"One army soldier was killed and another injured in the ongoing operation near the Line of Control (LoC) in Keran area of the Kupwara district," a senior police officer told IANS here.

So far, six guerrillas and three army soldiers have been killed in this operation which has been going on for the last 20 days near the LoC.


हाशिए के एक समुदाय को संवारने की जद्दोजहद

By सिद्धान्त मोहन,,

जैसे-जैसे समाज विकास की राह पर तेज़ी से आगे बढ़ रहा हैं, साथ-साथ विकास की नुमाईश से दूर छिटक रहे लोग हाशिए पर और ज़्यादा धकेले जा रहे हैं. इन लोगों की फ़ेहरिस्त और इनका दायरा, दोनों ही इतने बड़े हैं कि आगे बढ़ने को लालायित भारतीय तंत्र इस समाज की कोई सुध नहीं ले पा रहा है. इनके बहुत सारे नाम हैं, बहुत सारे सम्प्रदाय और लगभग उतनी ही विविधता इनके साथ है. इस फ़ेहरिस्त में एक बेहद कम प्रचलित कहानी है शेख मदारी समुदाय की.

India to host international human rights event

New Delhi: India's National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) will host the three-day annual general meeting of the Asia Pacific Forum of national human rights panels, said a statement Friday.

The APF is one of the four regional networks of national human rights institutions (NHRIs) within the international co-ordinating committee of NHRIs.

The event will open on Sep 3 and end Sep 5.


जेयूसीएस द्वारा योगी आदित्यनाथ की संसद सदस्यता खारिज़ करने की मांग उठाई गयी

By TCN News,

लखनऊ : पिछले दिनों भाजपा सांसद योगी आदित्यनाथ का विवादित वीडियो चर्चा में आया, जिसमें वे मुस्लिम लड़कियों को जबरन हिंदू बनाने की बात कर रहे हैं. उक्त वीडियो के बारे में जर्नलिस्ट्स यूनियन फॉर सिविल सोसाइटी(जेयूसीएस) के सदस्य डॉक्यूमेंट्री फिल्मकार शाहनवाज आलम, राजीव यादव व लक्ष्मण प्रसाद ने कहा है कि यह दलितों के हिंदूकरण, महिला हिंसा, सांप्रदायिकता और आतंकवाद की राजनीति पर केन्द्रित एक डॉक्यूमेंट्री फिल्म 'SAFFRON WAR’ का हिस्सा है, जिसे 2011 से ही कई फिल्म महोत्सवों व अकादमिक गोष्ठियों में दिखाया जाता रहा है.

Terror-free environment needed for dialogue with Pakistan: Modi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday said he was "disappointed" that Pakistan sought to make a "spectacle" of efforts at talks and added that any "meaningful" bilateral dialogue requires an environment that is free from "terrorism" and "violence".

He also expressed concern at threats to peace and stability in Afghanistan and stressed that India remained committed to its efforts for that country to become peaceful and prosperous.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to speak on ‘World Peace & Global Harmony’ at Jamia

By TCN News,

New Delhi: The Outreach Programme, Jamia Millia Islamia is going to organize a Dialogue with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of Art of Living Foundation. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a humanitarian, spiritual leader and an ambassador of peace. His vision is to establish a violence-free and stress-free world.


Manipur Governor resigns

By Dr. Syed Ahmed for,

Imphal: The Governor of Manipur Vinod Kumar Duggal tendered his resignation on August 28, 2014. He is the 9th Governor appointed by the United Progressive Front Government to resign since the National Democratic Front assumed office in May 2014.

Government 'brutally' dealing with Irom Sharmila: Patkar

Kolkata : Social activist Medha Patkar Friday accused the government of "brutally" dealing with Manipuri activist Irom Sharmila Chanu and questioned the legal provision of treating a fasting individual as one attempting to commit suicide.

"It is absolutely a wrong law to treat fasting as equivalent to committing suicide under Section 309 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code)," Patkar told media persons on the sidelines of the Energy and Environment Conclave organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry here.


Jharkhand conversion case: Husband sent to police custody

Ranchi : A Jharkhand court here Friday remanded in three days' police custody a Muslim man, who married national-level shooter Tara Shadeo pretending to be a Hindu and allegedly forced her to change her religion.

The court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ranchi, sent Ranjit Kohli alias Rakibul Hassan to the police custody, a day after the same court sent the accused to 14 days' judicial custody.

The court Friday reversed it decision after Ranchi police pleaded with it for Hassan's remand.

Hassan was arrested Tuesday from New Delhi.

Modi's 100 days: Has the 'acche din' hype boomeranged?

(100 days of Modi government)

By Amulya Ganguli,

A month after assuming office, Narendra Modi had rued the absence in his case of the customary honeymoon period for a new prime minister. Now, the by-election setbacks and signs of dissonance at the top have cast a further shadow on his first 100 days as prime minister.