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Demonetization in India: Who will pay the Cost?

“Everyone will adjust. And while it can hurt some small businesses and individuals, it is better to do it than not.”–Mauro Guilin

By Maryam Khan

The ‘demon’ in demonetization is in the beginning. The demonetisation of ₹500 ($7.40) and ₹1000 banknotes was a step taken by the Government of India on 8 November 2016, ceasing the usage of all ₹500 and ₹1000 banknotes issued by the Reserve bank of India till November 8, 2016.

AIMPLB launches women’s helpline in seven languages

By TCN News

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) launched its toll free All India Women Helpline call centre on December 1, 2016 in Hyderabad.

Women can call on the toll free helpline 1800 102 8426 from 10 am to 5 pm daily to get their problems resolved.

The helpline aims to help and guide women callers from all sects and schools of thought in seven languages: English, Urdu, English, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu and Kannada. After six months, the Board will add more languages, it said in a release.

Instant Talaq and polygamy well rooted in Muslim personal law, JUH claims in counter affidavit

By TCN News

The Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind [JUIH] has filed its counter affidavit through its General Secretary Maulana Syed Asad Madani as a party respondent impleaded by the Supreme Court in all the matters pertaining to ‘Triple Talaq’, ‘Nikah Halala’ and ‘Polygamy’.

अपने गाँव को शिक्षित किया तबस्सुम, तरन्नुम और रुबीना ने

सिद्धांत मोहन,

वाराणसी: बनारस से लगभग बीस किलोमीटर दूर सोजईं नाम का एक गाँव है. गाँव में बिजली-पानी की हालत खस्ता है. गाँव में मुस्लिम बस्ती है, यहाँ अधिकतर बुनकर रहते हैं. बुनकारी वैसे भी ऐसा पेशा माना जाता है जिसमें पैसे कम होते हैं, लेकिन ख़ास बात यह है कि कम पैसों और संसाधनों के साथ इस बस्ती के हरेक घर का बच्चा आज शिक्षा पा रहा है. और यह मुमकिन हुआ है गाँव की तीन लड़कियों तबस्सुम, तरन्नुम और रुबीना की बदौलत.

Bhopal gas leak victims recall night of horror

Bhopal : Thirty-two years of agonising existence after the infamous gas leak in Bhopal have only aggravated the pain of victims, who are still haunted by the nightmarish experience they went through on the fateful night.

Latifa alias Rehman, 54, a resident of the Widow's Colony, said the night of December 2-3, 1984, when poisonous methyl isocynate gas leaked from the Union Carbide factory, is still fresh in her memory as if it had happened only the other day.


Kashmir police fight off stone throwers - peacefully

Srinagar : Police in Kashmir have started counselling stone throwers and conducting sessions to de-radicalise them, soothe their anguish and battle, rather peacefully, resilient protests that have been recurring in the valley.

And counselling stone throwers is not a process of a one way communication. Police also listen patiently like professional therapists empathise.


US flag, Dow Chemical and Union Carbide logos to be torched by Bhopal gas victims on 32nd anniversary of Gas disaster

By Pervez Bari,

Bhopal: On the occasion of 32nd anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy, the world’s worst industrial catastrophe, the flag of United States of America, (USA), and the logos of two Corporations: Dow Chemical and Union Carbide, would be torched by the victims, survivors of the tragedy and five NGOs working for their welfare.


Eight Shia leaders served notice for delay in Lucknow Chehallum processions

By Faisal Fareed,

Taking strong note of delay in procession of Chehallum, Lucknow district administration has served notice to eight Shia clerics seeking reply for the delay which violated the conditions of the agreement for the procession.

The administration has given them one week’s time to reply and has even warned that permission for the procession can be cancelled in future.


Mother of Faisal, the convert who was killed in Kerala, accepts Islam

By Staff Reporter

Two weeks after her son’s brutal murder, Meenakshi, mother of Faisal, has adopted Islam and taken a new name, Jameela.

Faisal P, alias Aneesh Kumar, son of Ananthan Nair, of Kodinhi, was found dead by the roadside at about 4 am by local residents. He was brutally murdered by RSS activists for accepting Islam.

HRD Ministry bats for cashless education campus

New Delhi : Emphasising that technology can be leveraged to bring financial digital literacy and a step forward toward digital economy, Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar on Thursday appealed to higher education institutes to develop cashless campuses.

Launching the Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan (VISAKA) here, the minister called upon the faculty and young students to come forward to encourage, create awareness and motivate all people around them to use a digitally enabled cashless economic system for transfer of funds.