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कश्मीर पर भारतीय समाज की चुप्पी आपराधिक है –गौतम नवलखा

Mayawati slams Centre, UP government for Ayodhya projects

New Delhi : Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Monday criticised the BJP-led central government's decision to build a Ramayana Museum in Ayodhya and the Samajwadi Party-led Uttar Pradesh government's plan to construct a Ramleela Theme Park there as only for electoral gains.

"Decision to build a Ramayana Museum and Ramleela Theme Park in Ayodhya by the BJP and the SP just before the assembly elections shows their intentions," the BSP chief said in a statement.

She also said that these promises would remain unfulfilled due to the lack of the budget.

Muslim student from JNU goes missing after being beaten up by ABVP cadre, case of kidnapping filed

By Amit Kumar,

A student of Jawaharlal University, Najeeb Ahmad has reportedly gone missing since Saturday following a brawl with ABVP cadres in the campus during the campaigning for hostel elections.

A case under section 365 (kidnapping with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person) of IPC has been registered at the Vasant Kunj North police station on the basis of a complaint by his parents, police said.

You may celebrate Sir Syed day, but do you remember what he stood for?

By Afzal Usmani for

Today is Sir Syed Day, 199th Birth anniversary of one of the greatest leader and reformer for Muslims of India.

BJP a party of greedy people, not Hindus, says Kejriwal

New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday hit out at the BJP, saying it claims to be a party of the Hindus, but it is actually a party of people greedy for power and money.

"The BJP is not a party of the Hindus. It is a party of the people, who are greedy for power and money. Forget the Hindus, the BJP will not spare even its own for power and money," Kejriwal said in a Facebook post on Monday.

On Sunday, speaking at Surat also, Kejriwal had made fun of the BJP's assertion that it is a pro-Hindu party.

Release children jailed under PSA in Kashmir, say three international organisations

By, Staff Reporter

Srinagar: Taking note of crackdown on protesters in Kashmir during the ongoing unrest, three global prominent watchdogs--Amnesty International India, Human Rights Watch and International Commission of Jurists--have issued a joint statement in which it has asked the state and central government to stop the wrongful detention of protesters in the state.

स्कूलतंत्र और मुनाफे की शिक्षा

जावेद अनीस

पिछले दिनों गुड़गांव के प्राइवेट स्कूल में पढ़ने वाले एक बच्चे के अभिभावक ने आरोप लगाया कि फीस न देने पर उनके बच्चे को स्कूल में तीन घंटे तक धूप में खड़ा रखा गया, इस दौरान बच्चे की हालत इतनी बिगड़ गयी कि उसे अस्पताल में भर्ती करना पड़ा. इसके बाद वह बच्चा इतना डर गया कि उसने स्कूल जाने से ही मना कर दिया.

Muslim sects unite to decry 'interference' in personal laws

Mumbai : In a rare display of solidarity, Islamic scholars and clerics of all Muslim sects on Monday attacked the government for trying to introduce a Uniform Civil Code.

The scholars and clerics from Sunni, Shia, Barelvi, Deobandi and Ahle Hadis sects registered their protest against what they termed was "the government's interference in personal laws".

In a joint statement issued after a brainstorming session, the leaders took umbrage to the Centre's proposals on Triple Talaq and other practices which they said would violate their personal laws.


Don't impose Uniform Civil Code: Nitish

Patna : Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said the central government should not impose a Uniform Civil Code in the country.

"Uniform Civil Code should not be imposed," Nitish Kumar said in his address to the JD-U National Council meeting at Rajgir in Nalanda district.

Referring to the Triple Talaq issue, Nitish Kumar attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders for targeting Muslims.

"Who are you to impose a Uniform Civil Code by citing the Triple Talaq issue?" he asked.


Hyderabad emerges as hub of campaign against Uniform Civil Code

By Mohammed Shafeeq

Hyderabad : This historic city with a rich Muslim past has been at the forefront of most national campaigns on issues related to the community. And with the movement against a discussion on the Uniform Civil Code by the Law Commission gathering strength, it once again finds itself in the lead.