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Muslims lack rationale to oppose decriminalization of Homosexuality

By Sheikh Khurshid Alam,

The decriminalization of Section 377 by the Delhi High Court in the Naz Foundation case had drawn mixed reactions in 2010 across all over India. For some it was a ray of hope towards a life free from constant fear of being pushed behind the bars and for some it was another opportunity to get into the limelight by joining protest marches against homosexuality, gay marriages and moral corruption in society.

Sabarimala temple must let in all women: Tharoor

Thiruvananthapuram : Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday said the Sabarimala temple must open its doors to women of all age groups.

This contradicted the Congress-led Kerala government's stand that the opinion of the priests should be the last word on religious matters.

Addressing reporters here at the party headquarters, Tharoor said it was his personal opinion.

"Including Sabarimala, women should be allowed entry into all temples and there should be no gender discrimination," said the Lok Sabha member from Thiruvananthapuram.

180 school children taken ill in Bihar

Patna : At least 180 school children in Bihar were taken ill after they were administered de-worming Albendazole tablets on Wednesday, officials said.

About 100 children fell ill at the Maghra Middle School in Biharsharif district headquarters of Nalanda, 37 children in Jamui, 36 in Sitamarhi, four in East Champaran and two in Rohtas district.

Minorities panel seeks action against BJP leader for 'hate speech'

Lucknow : Following a complaint and an internal probe, the National Commission of Minorities (NCM) has held the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for Deoband assembly by-polls in Uttar Pradesh guilty of making a hate speech with the aim of dividing the voters on religious lines.

Social activist Shehzaad Poonawalla had made a complaint before the minorities panel seeking action against Rampal Singh Pundir for his inflammatory speech.

मोदी ने चुकाई दवा कम्पनियों के चंदे की क़ीमत!

Afroz Alam Sahil,

ज़िन्दगी बचाने वाली दवाओं के दाम भी मोदी राज में सिर चढ़कर बोल रहे हैं. हैरानी की बात है कि जिन दवाओं की क़ीमत बेहद सस्ती होनी चाहिए, उनमें भी लगातार इज़ाफ़ा दर इज़ाफ़ा होता जा रहा है.

एक ख़बर के मुताबिक़ मोदी सरकार ने पिछले हफ्ते 74 दवाओं पर आयात शुल्क में छूट ख़त्म करने का फैसला किया है. इनमें जीवन रक्षक दवाओं के साथ कैंसर और डायबिटीज की दवाएं भी शामिल हैं.

Human migration not a new phenomenon: Researchers

London : Countering common perception that migration at current levels is a new phenomenon, a short animated film commissioned by British historians shows that people from different parts of the world have been migrating to Britain for ages.

With migration now a major topic of debate across Europe, the historians created a script and commissioned the film to provide the public, schools and policy makers with a better understanding of its history.

Modi to address education meet of RSS-affiliated body

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address an All India Conference of School Principals here on February 12 organised by Vidya Bharti, an organisation affiliated to the RSS.

Addressing the media here, Vidya Bharti's national secretary Shiv Kumar said the main purpose of the conference, being held from February 11 to 14, is to discuss the role of school principals so as to "develop a society wherein children grow up to be ideal citizens on the basis of their grooming in schools".

Backward classes panel for quota in private sector

New Delhi : The National Commission of Backward Classes has written to the social justice ministry to bring a bill for providing 27 percent reservation for backward classes in private sector jobs, a member said on Tuesday.

Shakeel-uz-Zaman Ansari said that panel had sent its recommendation for a bill for private sector quota to the ministry ahead of the budget session of parliament that begins February 23, adding the decision to make the recommendation was taken at a meeting of the panel held earlier this month.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti urges PMs of India, Pakistan to resolve Siachen dispute

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Aaghaz-e-Dosti, a group of youths working for Indo-Pak Peace through various ways such as peace education, advocacy and others, has written to the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan to resolve the dispute over Siachen glacier.

Siachen conflict is a military clash between India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen Glacier region in Kashmir. A cease-fire went into effect in 2003. The contentious area is about 900 square miles to nearly 1,000 square miles of territory.

Anti-Terror conference of Barelvi Muslims turned out to be anti-Wahabi conference

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Several religious leaders belonging to Barelvi sect of Muslims in India have condemned Wahabi ideology and demanded government to reduce Wahabi influence from Waqf Boards and all minority educational institutions.

Many such anti-Wahabi statements were made on Monday at an anti-terrorism Sunni conference organized by All India Tanzeem Ulama-E-Islam (AITUI) in Delhi at Talkatora Stadium.