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Campus placement for students of Arabic, Islamic Studies etc at AMU

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Aligarh: A three-member delegation of Gems Education, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) visited the Aligarh Muslim University and interacted with a selected group of students from departments of Arabic, Islamic Studies, Theology, Centre for Quranic Studies and the Bridge Course.


Rajya Sabha disrupted over demands for debate on Gaza

New Delhi : The Rajya Sabha was disrupted again Friday as the opposition continued to create an uproar demanding a discussion on the on-going conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The house lost its question hour to disruptions, and saw as many as three adjournments before lunch.

As soon as the upper house met, opposition members were on their feet demanding a debate on the issue to be taken up immediately.

SC acquits all 11 convicted for 1993 Surat bomb blasts

New Delhi : The Supreme Court Friday acquitted all the 11 people convicted for January and April 1993 bomb blasts in Gujarat's Surat in which a eight-year-old child was killed and several people were injured.

A bench of Justice T.S. Thakur and Justice C. Nagappan said: "The requirement of a mandatory statutory provision having been violated, the trial and conviction of the petitioners for offences under the (now repealed Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act) TADA must be held to have been vitiated on that account."


Islamic finance, Bollywood and S.D. Burman

The roots of Islamic finance lie in the foundations of Islam and Sharia law, fragmented memories of musician and composer S.D.Burman's life and interesting titbits from the lives of Bollywood directors: the IANS bookshelf this week is buzzing with stories from different genres. Take a look.

1. Book: Decoding Bollywood: Stories of 15 Film Directors; Author: Sonia Golani; Publisher: Westland; Pages: 185; Price: Rs. 250

Minority ministry lays down ‘policy for welfare’ of minorities

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New Delhi: The new NDA government has laid down ‘plans’ for the welfare and development of the six notified minority communities, according to the Minister of Minority Affairs Dr Najma Heptullah. She said gave a detailed response to a written question in the Upper House of the Parliament on Tuesday.


8 year old Bhatkal boy earns prestigious ‘Preacher of the Nation’ award in UAE

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New Delhi: A Karnataka coastal town of Bhatkal which continuously remain in mainstream media’s focus due to its being a “home town” of alleged Indian Mujahideen outfit’s absconding founders Reyaz and Iqbal Shabandri has unfortunately missed the Indian mainstream media’s spotlight when an 8 year little boy of its origin won the highest prestigious reward for a child in Dubai of being ‘Preacher of the Nation’.

Gods on Earth: Shankaracharya says no to worship of Sai Baba

By Ram Puniyani,

The phenomenon of God is probably the most complex one in the World. For believers there is a range of belief system about the supernatural powers. For agnostics it is ‘I don’t know’ and for atheists there is no supernatural power. The systems of thought relevant to the topic range from Animists (nature worshippers), polytheists (multiple gods/goddesses), tri-theists (Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh or Father, Son and the Holy spirit), Monotheists (single Universal God) to Atheists. In the concept of God we have ‘god as a physical being’ to formless the God. Adivasis are animists, worshipping the nature and spirits of their ancestors. In different religions the concept is very different, including the fact that some religions do not have the concept of God like Buddhism and Jainism. Polytheism prevailed in Greek society, with different Gods and Goddesses endowed with special virtues. Ancient Aryans also had polytheism, with multitude of Gods and Goddesses looking after different virtues and aspects of the life on Earth. We have a Goddess each for wealth (Laxmi) knowledge (Sarswati) and Power (Durga) We also have a God each for lightening (Indra) air (Marut) sex (Kamdevta) liquor (Som devta) amongst the plethora of the divine powers. Hindu mythology is a rainbow exposition of the diversity and complexity of the lives of Gods and Goddesses.

Malegaon Muslims hold candle light rally expressing grief against Israeli bombing in Gaza

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Mumbai: Thousands of Muslims organized a ‘candle light’ rally on Wednesday in Textile town Malegaon in Maharashtra and expressed their concerns for Palestinian people and anger against Israel and western countries supporting it in killing of Palestine people which saw more than 250 deaths so far with above 1600 wounded.


Ramadan 1435: Fashion

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Dr. Najma Heptulla releases Millennium Development Goals Report 2014

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New Delhi: Dr. Najma Heptulla, the Union Minister of Minority Affairs released the UN Secretary General’s Global Millennium Development Goals Report 2014 on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion Dr.Najma Heptulla said Human Development was an essential component of Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts. His touchstone for the validity of any action was the impact it had on the poorest of the poor.