ईशनिंदा पर हत्याएं : माइ फुट!

नैय्यर इमाम सिद्दीक़ी

मशहूर पाकिस्तानी क़व्वाल अमजद साबरी को बुधवार दोपहर कुछ लोगों ने कराची के लियाक़ताबाद इलाक़े में गोलियों से भून दिया और उनकी मौक़े पर ही मौत हो गई. 45 साल के अमजद मशहूर साबरी भाईयों के मेंबर थे. ब्रांड 'साबरी ब्रदर्स को 1950 के दशक में उनके पिता ग़ुलाम फ़रीद और चाचा मक़बूल ने बनाया था, जिनका तानसेन के खानदान से खूनी रिश्ता है. हरियाणा के रोहतक में जन्मे इन दो भाइयों ने ही दुनियाभर में क़व्वाली को पहचान दिलाई. बाद में अमजद ने परिवार की सूफ़ी गायक़ी के परम्परा को आगे बढ़ाया.

Famed Pakistani qawwal Amjad Sabri gunned down

Karachi : Unidentified gunmen shot dead renowned qawwal Amjad Sabri -- whose late father and uncle enjoy huge popularity in India -- on a Karachi street on Wednesday, stunning Pakistan.

In a clear case of targeted killing, two men riding a motorcycle fired several gunshots at Amjad Sabri when he was in a car in Liaquatabad area, the media reported.

Ghulam Ahmed, who witnessed the killing, told SAMAA TV that he saw the killers fire at one side of the car. He added: "Then they turned and fired four shots on the other side of the car."

Yoga not Indian, Sadhguru tells UN in rhetoric challenge

By Arul Louis

United Nations : "Yoga is not Indian" and "it does not belong to India", mystic and yoga master Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev told a UN meeting on Monday with a rhetorical flourish.

He asserted that this was because yoga was "an absolute science and technology for well-being". He added: "Science cannot be Indian" because of its universality and absoluteness.

"Yes, it originated in India," he told a multinational audience of diplomats and international officials.

UN urges Myanmar to end discrimination against Rohingyas

Nay Pyi Taw : UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein on Monday urged the Myanmar government to take concrete steps to end discrimination and constant human rights violations against the minority Rohingyas.

A UN human rights report documented a series of abuses and harassment of the Rohingyas, a Muslim minority living in Rakhine state, Xinhua reported.


Bahrain strips top Shia cleric Isa Qassim of citizenship

Manama : Top shia cleric of Bahrain on Monday was stripped by the Sunni-ruled Bahrain of his citizenship, state media report.

An interior ministry statement accused Sheikh Isa Qassim of using his position to "serve foreign interests" and promote "sectarianism and violence," BBC reported.

The cleric, who holds the religious rank of Ayatollah, has backed protests led by the Shia community groups for greater civil and political rights.

'British Muslims join IS due to cuts in public services'

London : A student leader has blamed the British government's cuts to public services as the reason behind the Muslim youth travelling to join terror groups such as Islamic State.

Malia Bouattia, the controversial National Union of Students (NUS) president who refused to condemn IS, said Britons have no choice but to go off to Syria to join the IS because they feel disempowered, Daily Mail reported.

Attacks on Africans: Britain’s African Asian Organisations demand action

Accuse Indian Government of ‘Implicitly’ Justifying the Murder of Congolese National and Attacks on Africans in India, Demand Action

By M Ghazali Khan

Britain’s South Asian and African Caribbean organisations have strongly condemned the murder of a Congolese national, Masonda Kitanda Oliver, in Delhi last month and have called upon the government to stop such hate spate against Africans in India.

Israel 'cuts' water supplies to West Bank during Ramadan

Ramallaha : Israel's national water company on Wednesday cut crucial water supplies to large areas of the occupied West Bank, leaving tens of thousands of Palestinians without access to safe drinking water during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Mekorot, the main supplier of water to Palestinian towns and cities, siphoned off water supplies to the municipality of Jenin, several Nablus villages and the city of Salfit and its surrounding villages.

'Anti-gay' British Islamic cleric leaves Australia

Sydney : A British Muslim cleric who believed death is a compassionate sentence for gay people, has had his Australian visa cancelled and left the country, officials said on Wednesday.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said he decided to revoke Sekaleshfar's visa, known for his speech given in the US in 2013, saying gays should be killed "out of compassion" in certain cases.

"It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for him to return back to our country," Dutton told Sky News.

Indian-American Muslims strongly condemn terrorist attack on civilians in Florida

By TCN News

Members of the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM) unanimously passed a resolution strongly condemning the horrible terrorist attack on civilians in a social club in Orlando, Florida on June 11 by a terrorist who happened to be Muslim.