Distorted hierarchy of political values of ‘Absolute Democracy (Republic)’ over ‘Human Rights’ claimed Benazir.

Ref: – Lack of human values of non-interventionist UN, the result of shirking Christianity.

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Martyrdom offered by Benazir for political values is not the first by a politician or even by a lady but the type and amount of nauseating indignation and grief it has aroused not only in Pakistan but across the world is mainly due to widespread perception that USA & its democratic allies were the driving force behind her return from her eight-year exile to implant absolute democracy (republic) in Pakistan. Though Pakistan all along has been practicing and still prepared to practice diarchy (having pro-active President, elected or otherwise, with jurisdictions of martial affairs like defense, internal security, human rights, foreign affairs, consent to legislation etc. along with elected Prime Minister and Chief Ministers having jurisdictions of all the civil affairs of Pakistan).

This cold blooded unethical obstinacy of USA & its democratic allies and dereliction and hypocrisy of Pakistan’s friend and neighbor China regarding stopping USA & its democratic allies from such dangerously Machiavellian manipulations (especially in view of the fact that China, a veto holding power of UN and thus its promoter and permanent member, is itself not practicing democracy) coupled with the pervasive ‘anti-Americanism’ especially within fundamentalist terrorists of Pakistan, had already put Benazir’s life in great danger of which first proof and last warning had already come through October blast claiming about 100 lives on her arrival in Pakistan.

But what has escaped the notice of grieving mankind is the following which is mainly responsible for this flop & tragic show (of USA & its democratic allies) in Pakistan in the back drop of impotent UN: –

(1)- Civilized mankind has always considered State and its political apparatus to be subservient to the cause of human values as is evident also from the dictates inscribed on ‘Shilalekhs’ (stone inscriptions) some twenty five hundred years back in India (also on ‘Shilalekhs’ inscribed during the rule of Ashoka the Great).

(2)- In contemporary world UN is supposed to take this responsibility to disseminate human values by enforcing human rights even by intervening militarily in member counties who audaciously deny these human rights to its citizens.

(3)- But the USA & its democratic allies have spread mis-information through UN (of which India is also a victim) that State can be complete & effective even without assigning pre-eminent role to martial forces of the member States of UN. This gullible world community does not realize that it is precisely the supremacy of martial element of any State in the services of ensuring human rights, which is the only valid and relevant political philosophy of the contemporary world especially in this age of globalization.

(4)- These distorted political values of UN (where it condones absolute democracy, pressed by its powerful members like USA & its democratic allies, over human rights) are less due to belief of USA & its democratic allies about the efficacy of absolute democracy in solving myriad problems of the mankind. It is more due to the fear of USA & its democratic allies to allow UN to intervene militarily in member counties lest it may open these countries also to UN’s military intervention in case of human right violations by these counties (which are not uncommon in these counties also).

(5)- But this global political humbug is going on for the simple reason that the powerful countries of contemporary world are predominantly Christian who support ridiculous concept of out dated so called sovereignty of about 200 member countries of UN (most of which blatantly violates human rights) and are in existence without even having adequate power, political will and resources to remain on the political map of the contemporary world especially as a humane, progressive & modern nation.

(6)- Though the entire remaining mankind is grateful to Christians who have given so much to mankind during last six hundred years in terms of advancement in science and technology. But Christianity has singularly failed to imbibe humanity (which, as mentioned above, was practiced even twenty five hundred years back by civilized world). Thus Christians are shirking the responsibility of humanizing mankind through their formidable unprecedented power acquired during last six hundred years.

(7)- Let there be no mistaking the fact that most of the terrorism across the world (including fundamentalist terrorism which claimed the life of Benazir) is mainly due to the failure of UN to enforce human rights in its member countries across the world.

Let us hope that UN will rise to the occasion and will not (along with UK) confine itself merely to the investigation of the assassination of Benazir as demanded during Sunday’s press conference by Zardari (husband of Benazir Bhutto and co-chairman of her political party PPP) and reportedly consented by President Musharraf.

The least the mankind expects from UN is that its General Assembly will be summoned immediately and the hierarchy of political values of human rights (with proper mechanism to enforce human rights in its member states by UN) over all forms of governance (democratic republic, diarchy, military rule, communism etc.) will be declared and resolved to be enforced by UN.

This is the only way to ensure that the martyrdom of Benazir will not go in vain. Especially given the fact that in this part of Asia (as is evident from the example of India also) ‘Absolute Democracy (republic)’ degenerates into majoritarianism / corrupting & criminalizing effect on State and what to talk of social indicators such as removal of poverty / unemployment, providing proper health & education facilities etc to majority of its people, it has scant regard to even rule of law.

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