Intra Kashmir women activists will achieve nothing by merely emulating their male counterparts

Ref:- Human rights of women dependents of Kashmiri martyrs & massive participation in exports, hold the key.

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This refers to three day Intra Kashmir women’s conference ‘Connecting women across the LoC’ organised by Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation New Delhi & Women’s Studies Centres of J&K Universities, which concluded on November 18, at Srinagar.

Here following oft repeated worn out demands were also made through a “Consensus Statement” which are same as have been voiced by Kashmiri leaders (political and others having also the female members) for the past five years without any result or even any perceptible worthwhile effect on governments of India & Pakistan and on international community and for these eternal demands separate and exclusive women organisation or platform is hardly needed:-

[Widening the scope of CBMs on both sides of the LoC, peace dialogues for resolving Kashmir problem (in which people of J&K including women should be essential part), easing travel restrictions across the LoC especially for senior citizens, stopping the violence being committed by all sides in all forms and manifestation including by pro-government militants as well by militants groups, withdrawal of military & para military forces from civilian areas, reduction of forces on both sides of the LoC, facilitating the return of youth who crossed the border and rehabilitation of displaced families including of Kashmiri Pandits, no discrimination against families of militants while giving social welfare benefits, better communication lines across the LoC, government on both sides to facilitate trade and tourism across the LoC etc.]

In this conference following meaningful resolutions were also passed:-

[women from both sides of LoC to come together on one platform, need to acknowledge women’s sacrifice and struggles during the years of conflict and for the address of their health related & other problems].

But for the realisation of their mission Intra Kashmir women’s organisations will have to keep the following in mind:-

(1)- Kashmiris speaking same language and predominantly practising same religion can not be expected to remain divided across LoC.

(2)- During last two decades as per media report 1,00,000 Kashmiris (even as per EU’s reoprt 80,000) sacrificed their lives for unified J&K (which is more than the lives laid down combinedly by India & Pakistan for their independence from British Raj).

(3)- Kashmiris who have thus earned their sovereignty through their blood need not talk to India and Pakistan as their subjects but as a sovereign entity.

(4)- Having offered so much & adequate martyrdom for unified J&K, now Kashmiris should come out of combat mode and usher into consolidation mode in order to realize their sovereignty.

(5)- Kashmiri male counterpart have been atrophied to such a great extent due to prolonged endless struggle that now unless Kashmiri women come forward in a big way in a resolute and intelligent manner for the solution of Kashmir problem, the martyrdom of these 1,00,000 Kashmiris is now in a real danger of going in vain.

(6)- Because sovereignty / nationality mainly originates from and survives on martyrdom therefore martyrdom ought to be invoked by women from both sides of LoC by launching a NGO which will take care of human right problems of needy women dependents of these 1,00,00 Kashmiri martyrs.

(7)- Women from both sides of LoC should also take benefit of one more opportunity in the cause of solution to Kashmir problem.

(8)- Sovereignty is nothing if it does not have capacity, competence and willingness to deal with international community. This can easily and fruitfully be done by engaging in export activities in a big way which will not only improve the economical condition of the people of J&K but will also:-

(i)- Bring Kashmiris in direct close interaction with international community in a big way.

(ii)- Facilitate the launch of effective organisations world wide (with the help of Kashmiris) which will work for the solution of Kashmir problem by bringing pressure on India, Pakistan and international community (UN).

(9)- Presently there is a golden opportunity to achieve this goal. Dutch companies showed their keenness to collaborate with Kashmiri entrepreneurs for importing fruits, flowers, honey, mushrooms, saffron etc. from J&K. This offer on behalf of Dutch companies was made in mid October by Hans Wolff Counselor for Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality for Netherlands embassy in India during a meeting with Kashmiri businessmen at Shrinagar. This meeting was chaired and attended by officials of government of J&K.

(10)- The Dutch councilor gave his assurance to the officers as well as the growers, of all sort of possible help from the embassy for the start of Joint ventures in the state with those of Dutch companies. Once people of J&K (from both sides of LoC) engage in a big way in export activities through Dutch embassy then later on through embassies of other countries and EU’s (CBI – The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries) these massive exports can truly be taken to global scale.

(11)- Because export industry of fruits, flowers, honey, mushrooms, saffron etc.from J&K will involve lot of women (traditional and technologically advanced) work force therefore women from both sides of LoC should form organisations of their own (and also by motivating the males of J&K , who are presently listless towards this Dutch offer) in order to not only mobilise entrepreneurs who will take benefit of this Dutch offer but also to ensure the enhancement of the women work force in these export activities and to protect their trade rights as per labor laws.

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