Politicians: U.S.-sponsored Mideast conference not likely to succeed amid

By Xinhua

Cairo : Some Egyptian and Palestinian politicians and experts have played down chances of success of a U.S.-proposed international conference on Mideast peace due to Palestinian division, Egypt’s official MENA news agency reported on Thursday.

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At a seminar organized by the International Center for Future and Strategic Studies Wednesday in Cairo, some experts said that the upcoming conference is to be held amid an unprecedented Palestinian division.

It will weaken the Palestinian side of the bargain to attend the U.S.-brokered gathering without unified stance, they said, expecting no breakthrough at the meeting which was reported to beheld in November in the United States.

Ahmed Maher, an expert of the Egyptian Shura Council, saw no light at the end of the dark tunnel without Palestinian unity.

“Achieving Palestinian unity is the responsibility of all parties and Arab countries should exert utmost efforts to reach a real solution,” Maher said.

Former Palestinian Foreign Minister Zeyad Abu Amr, who is also attending the seminar in Cairo, insisted that the peace meeting holds no hope for the Palestinian people without a unified Palestinian agenda.

The Mideast peace process has been stalled due to the violence between the Palestinians and Israel as well as the internal conflicts of Palestinian factions, especially between Fatah and Hamas movements.