Fatah al-Islam terrorists buried in north Lebanon

By Xinhua

Beirut : Lebanese police on Thursday buried the bodies of 98 Fatah al-Islam terrorists in the Ghuraba (strangers) cemetery of the northern city of Tripoli, local Naharnet news website reported.

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The bodies, sealed in plastic bags that carried serial numbers, were driven from the Tripoli state-run hospital’s morgue to the grave yard in police trucks escorted by army units amidst stringent security arrangements, said the report.

It added that the bodies of two Fatah al-Islam terrorists, Syrian nationals Abu yazan and Sharif Nashaar, remain at the morgue for undeclared reasons.

The body of Fatah al-Islam’s second in command Chehab al-Qaddour, better known by his code name of Abu Huerira, also was buried at the strangers’ cemetery more than a month ago.

The Lebanese army ended its military operations against Fatah al-Islam in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp on Sept. 2, however, the fate of the group’s leader Shaker al-Abssi is still unknown.

The 106-day conflict between the Lebanese Army and the group led to the killing of 168 Lebanese officers and soldiers and at least 222 of Fatah al-Islam’s members.

Over 202 group members were arrested by the Lebanese security forces.