Muslims in India in better conditions compared to minorities worldover: London-based Dr Javed Akhtar

By staff reporter,

Gaya (Bihar): In spite of all sorts of discrimination in India, the position of Indian minorities is far better in comparison to minorities in other countries, said London-based cardiologist Javed Akhtar addressing a student gathering in the city yesterday.

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Muslims in India have got full liberty and the right to equality at par with majority community, he said. In this case, if we secure some distinguished place in the field of education, we can establish our identity on the global map, he said while addressing the students of Abdul Hameed Minority Hostel in Gaya during his short stay in the country. But for the community to get that position, its students will have to become fully aware of their responsibility and obtain education whole heartedly and diligently.

In his speech, the eminent cardiologist said that in spite of better opportunities of education in India, Educational backwardness among Muslims is extremely depressing. He said although the Holy Qur’an and Hadith are full of injunctions for obtaining knowledge, Muslims community is lagging behind others in this field.

The eminent cardiologist advised the imams of mosques to motivate people for obtaining education on every Friday and on the occasion of every ijtima. He said the rich people of the community should stop child labour that is rampant among poor and labourers and make arrangements for their education.