Muslim intellectuals opposed to associating nuke deal with Muslims

By staff reporter,

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh): The most painful thing emerging out of the debate on the Indo-US nuclear deal is that this sensitive issue is being presented as a clash of interests between Muslims and non-Muslims, said Prof. Mohammad Shamim, president of Intellectual Forum for Secular Democracy and Social Justice.

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A programme entitled “Indo-US Nuclear Deal: From Muslim Point of View” was held by the organization in Women’s Polytechnic at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) yesterday.

Expressing his views, Prof. Mohammad Shamim said Indo-US nuclear deal is a national issue but some political parties have opposed the deal by associating it with Muslim interests whereas the very same political parties are not ready to do anything for Muslims’ welfare when they are in power. He said his organization condemns efforts to associate the national issue with Muslim interests only.

President of Minority Council Farhat Usmani said the pros and cons of this deal should be discussed at country level because the deal is going to affect the future of this country. This issue has nothing to do with religion and the people opposing the deal by dragging Muslims into the issue are not only proving their mental sloth but also spreading hatred. He said the tragic aspect of the issue is that a few Maulvis also want to transform it into a Muslim issue but this trend must be condemned. He said Muslims are equally respected citizens of this country and they also have the right to express their opinion on the issue as a citizen but associating this sensitive issue with religion is wrong.

Dr. Mujibul Haq said the United States has never honoured its agreements with other countries. It keeps its own interests supreme in both friendship and enmity. This is one of the reasons why the deal is being opposed in India.