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USAF Helicopter Bombs Iraqi Family

By Prensa Latina,

Baghdad : The US helicopter attack to Tamra small village in Salahadin Iraqi Northern Province has killed five members of a family, reported the police.

According to Tikrit agents the settlement was bombed early in Wednesday morning and a couple and its three children also died in the operation.

No US sources referred to the attack against that civil area.

Three other people living close to the house destroyed by the helicopter were wounded, emphasized the police..

One mine blast in the Iraqi province of Ninive killed three US soldiers and their interpreter, reported the Central Command.

With this casualties US has lost 1,109 soldiers in Iraq in the five years of war prompted by Washington.

In this context US troops and Iraqi combats against the Shiite Muslim Clergy man Moqtada al Sader began near Nasiriya locality at hundreds miles from Baghdad south.

The clashes began when joint forces raided houses looking for members of Mahdi Army.

The police chief in Nasiriya, mayor general Sabah al Fatlawi, told the media that at least 14 people were arrested suspected of being Al Sader militiamen.

At the same time, Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki extend the time given to the militiamen in Maysan zone for a week to surrender and hand over arms, reported Al Iraqiya official TV channel.

Al Maliki visited Amara, Maysan capital, two days ago to meet traditional authorities and give them his version over the offensive prompted against that Iraqi territory.