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Ramadan 1437: Ajaz Farooqui

Ajaz Farooqui

By Asif Khan, TwwoCircles.net

Managing a non-profit organisation in Lucknow, Ajaz has had the opportunity to have experienced many occasions during Ramadan which can be termed memorable. These have ranged from incidents related to aiding the poor, providing healthcare for the sick, supporting destitute women and children.

Lucknow has a unique tradition known as Bada Mangal. A day for worshipping at the Hanuman temple in Aliganj, the festivities spill out to the streets as local businesses set up stalls distributing food and drink to people passing by. Hindus and Muslims serve each other and eat together in a great example of cross-cultural harmony.

This year, for some reason, the business house Ajaz used to partner with to set up a stall was unable to participate. In addition, Bada Mangal was during the early days of the month of Ramadan. Regardless, Ajaz instructed his team members to go ahead with setting up the food stall like previous years. “We started a little late in the day, closer to evening and the time of Iftar,” he explained, “I even asked my team to prepare some chicken biryani in addition to the regular veg biryani that would be served.” Because there is a sizeable number of Muslim visitors, the chicken biryani was to cater to those breaking their fasts. Visitors to the stall were also handed out small booklets with Quranic verses to dispel myths about Islam, an initiative which Ajaz says garnered huge demand and appreciation.

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