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Ramadan 1439: Shaukat Ali

Shaukat Ali

By Poornima Marh, TwoCircles.net

Shaukat Ali, from Bangalore, owns a timber business. He says “I started fasting when I was 5 years old. I remember as a child, it used to be very difficult to control my thirst. Many a times I would drink water, I wouldn’t tell anybody. Now too it’s very difficult for me sometimes, but yet I control and only break the fast when it is the time, because now I realise what Ramadan means. It is the greatest form of devotion for me. it’s not about food anymore. Quran is our holy book, and this is the time to understand the true meaning of the Quran. This month has three parts. The first ten days are the days of mercy, Rahmat, the second period of ten days is for forgiveness, Maghfirat, and the final period of ten days is for seeking refuge from Hellfire, Nijat. This month reminds me that I am capable of doing good, for myself and for others, then why not be the same the rest of the year.”

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