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Sons of police personnel kidnap, rape and murder a 3 year old in Jharkhand

from the cctv footage of the railway station

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A most heinous crime has surfaced on Tuesday, 30th July, when the police in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand found the headless body of the 3 year old girl, who was missing from 24th.

Her parents were travelling to Jhalda, Purulia District, West Bengal and were sleeping at the counter of Tatanagar railway station while waiting for the connecting train when Rinku Sahu, kidnaped the sleeping child.

The girl’s mother lodged a complaint with the police in the morning.

complaint of the mother

But the kidnappers Rinku and Kailash were nabbed after 2 days when the police watched the footage of the CCTV at the railway station.

Later they found the body of the girl dumped in the bushes near the water plant in Jamshedpur. The body was mutilated with the head missing. But even after 5 days the police have not been able to find the head of the child as the sniffer dogs could not detect anything due to the rains.

The duo confessed to raping the child and finally strangling her because she wouldn’t stop crying. They claim they are unaware of the missing head as they killed her by strangling her.

The police suspect the role of the step father, who the child’s mother has named as a suspect in her complaint.

As of now the 2 have been arrested by the railway police and are in their remand. They were produced before the court.

the kidnappers nabbed by the railway police

But the outraged people of the town have demanded strictest of the punishments to the two men who have a history of hard core criminals who abduct children and assault them. The public wanted the men to be handed over to them after hearing the news of the head being severed.

Kashif Raza, Siddiqui, social activist and leader of Bahujan Kranti Morcha has said, “We want the relevant sections of the POCSO Act to be applied on the two accused and we demand that the trial be taken up in a fast track court so that the guilty men will be punished at the earliest.”

Kashif Raza and other activists at the police station

The mother is in trauma ever since she has seen the corpse of her child.

She had allegedly eloped with Monu Mandal alias Md Sheikh from her village, whom she has named in her complaint. The police are investigating to find out whether there is a link between Monu Mandal and the kidnappers.

Ironically, though the two have a criminal record their parents are serving in the police department. Rinku’s mother is a policewoman while Kailash’s father is a CRPF trooper in J & K.