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Triple Talaq Bill passed in Lok Sabha, to be tabled in Rajya Sabha now

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The Lok Sabha passed the Triple Talaq Bill today, Thursday criminalizing the practise defeating the amendments proposed by the opposition parties. The bill was voted by 303 for and 82 against.

Opposition parties such as congress, Trinamol congress, Samajwadi, DMK, AIMIM opposed the bill and walked out.

Law Minister Shankar Prasad said that the bill was necessary and it was about providing justice to the Muslim women who suffered due to instant talaq. The bill was passed earlier also by the 16th Lok Sabha but was not passed by Rajya Sabha. And now again it has been sent to the Rajya Sabha.

The law minister also said that about 20 countries had regulated the laws pertaining to talaq, then why cant India which is a secular country do the same? He blamed both the congress for not passing it earlier in 1986 when the Shahbano controversy occurred and the All India Muslim personal law board for not educating the Muslims and not including the conditions that safeguard a woman against triple talaq in the nikahnama.

The Bill prescribes a jail term of three years to the husband if he pronounces triple talaq, making it a non-bailable offence. Bail can be granted only by a magistrate after hearing the wife or the accused can apply for a bail before the magistrate before the trial begins.

The bill also allows for the woman to apply for subsistence allowance which will be decided by the magistrate after the woman files the complaint.

Many opposition parties were not in favour of the TTB ( Triple Talaq Bill) as it is anti-woman and interferes with shariah – Islamic jurisprudence.