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Rahmani30 shines again with 41 IIT, 2 AIIMS and 1 JIPMER qualifications

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92% of students successful at the JEE-MAINS, 100% successful at the Medical Entrance Examination (NEET)

Students of Rahmani Program of Excellence, also known as Rahmani30, have once again achieved great success in the world’s toughest undergraduate entrance examination – the IIT Advanced exam. 41 out of 109 students of Rahmani30 were successful this year.  92% of (132 out of 143) students were successful at the JEE MAINS.

Amazingly all of the students in the female batch were successful at in this exam except for one. Rahmani30 has also now established itself in the world of Medical entrance exam preparation. Repeating its last year result of 100% NEET results and significantly increasing number of students with high 550 plus scores; it also replicated the AIIMS success and added JIPMER to its success list.

Rahmani30 students have achieved the following top ranks:

  • Top AIR Ranks: 1531, 1954, 2460, 2491, 3233, 4974, 6107, 6133, 7428, 7731, 8055

  • Top Category Rank: 96, 698, 781, 1370, 1480, 1742, 1935, 1982, 2157, 2824, 2859, 2864, 2972, 3002, 3351, 3368, 3396, 3503,3594, 3655, 5874, 7349, 7423

The IIT Advanced test is restricted to successful students at the JEE Mains exam and is conducted in house by the IIT itself. IIT is ranked ranked as No 1 Engineering institution in India and is categorised as part of the Institute of National Importance.

The INI category was established by an act of the Indian Parliament to identify and to provide special funding to educational organisations that are vital for the continued success of Indian innovation. Millions of students each year apply for a few thousand seats at the undergraduate level at these educational organisations. Successful students enjoy world class education, finest research facilities, international research opportunities all at practically free or highly subsidised fee structures.

Rahmani Program of Excellence under Rahmani Foundation has been successfully replacing educational hopelessness in the community with the courage to dream big, all the while demonstrating its proven method of success. Hazrat Ameer-e-Shariat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, who is the founder of this nation-wide program credits success to the consistent guidance and untiring efforts of Shri. Abhayanand Ji (Ex. DGP Bihar), and sincere and continuous efforts of centre leadership that comprises the faculty, management and staff. He maintains that this result could not have been possible had the students and their parents not partnered with us, especially given our different model of education and training that seeks to convert students into learners.