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Violence continues in Delhi: stone-pelting and arson even today in Maujpur, Brahmapuri

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Delhi: The violence has not stopped even after Monday’s violence in Zafarabad and Maujpur. Stoning and arson took place in many areas on Tuesday morning. In the Brahmapuri area, there was fierce stone pelting between two groups. In Karaval Nagar, protesters set fire to several vehicles. Frequent stone-pelting incidents have been taking place in Maujpur since morning. Police are deployed in large numbers in the areas of violence and the Rapid Action Force is continuously patrolling.

Violence over opposition and support of the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 has so far confirmed 7 deaths. 56 are injured in the violence. The condition of 8 injured is critical. Among the deads is one Delhi Police head constable Ratan Lal, while the common people include Shahid, Rahul, Furqan Vinod, and Nazim. Although people say that the death toll is 10 and the number of injured is more than 100.

It is alleged that shops and houses in Muslim majority areas are being vandalized. The police remain a show. In Karaval Nagar, Gokulpuri and Khajuri Khas are accused of vandalizing Muslim shops, factories, and homes. Many people have left their homes to save their lives and have gone to relatives here. Farzana, who lives in Khajuri, said that on Monday night, looting took place in shops around her house. Out of fear, she had to leave his home with her children and go to a safe place.

From Tuesday morning, the police also started strictly on media personnel coming for coverage of the violence. By asking the names of media workers, they are being allowed to work. It is alleged that the police is preventing Muslim media personnel from going there. People are being prevented from taking photos and making videos. At the same time, reporters of mainstream news channels in Muslim dominated areas are being prevented from reporting. It is alleged that these are negative reports to malign Muslims.

Let us tell you that BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who instigated violence with his poisonous statements, is a resident of Karaval Nagar. He was elected MLA from Aam Aadmi Party ticket from here in 2014. His mother was then an elected corporator from here on a BJP ticket. He was also a minister in the Kejriwal government. Later, he was removed from the ministerial post due to bitter disputes with Kejriwal first and later he left the Aam Aadmi Party and joined the BJP. BJP had fielded Kapil Mishra from Model Town this time. But this time he could not win.

Kapil Mishra has been on the streets in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act continuously since the Delhi Assembly election results. On Sunday, a group of BJP workers under his leadership took to the streets in front of those opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. After his provocative speeches and statements on Monday, activists belonging to BJP and other Sangh Parivar organizations started violence in Zafarabad and Bhajanpura areas. This orgy of violence, which began on Monday, continued on Tuesday as well.

Such is the situation in East Delhi when the police carried out a flag march in the area overnight. Home Minister Amit Shah called the meeting on Monday late night. Now Arvind Kejriwal has called a meeting of all the MLAs. Now a large number of police forces have been deployed to control the situation. Despite this, there are intermittent incidents of violence. Zafarabad, Brahmapuri, Karaval Nagar, Gokulpuri and Maujpur are reported to have perpetrated violence.

The severity of the violence can be gauged from the fact that since Monday’s violence five people have died and around 60 people have been injured. A policeman is also among the dead. The DCP, who was injured during the violence on Monday, is admitted in the ICU. Shahdara DCP Amit Sharma was injured in the violence on Monday. There are reports that doctors are now telling him out of danger. But he will have to remain hospitalized for a few more days.

On Monday, the fire incident occurred in five vehicles. It was believed that after the police was activated and the deployment of Rapid Action Force, it would be successful to stop the violence. But news of the incidents of arson and stone-pelting is continuously coming. According to the North East Delhi Fire Director, they have received 45 arson calls since 3 am Tuesday, three firemen have also been injured. A fire engine car has also been set on fire.

Zafarabad, Maujpur-Babarpur, Gokulpuri, Johri Enclave, and Shiv Vihar metro stations are closed in view of increasing violence. The metro train will go only to the Welcome station. Here, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called an emergency meeting to take stock of the situation. All the MLAs and officials from the violence-affected areas attended it. After the meeting, Arvind Kejriwal urged the Lt. Pal Anil Baijal to take the necessary steps to stop the violence immediately.

Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah called an emergency meeting late on the situation in Delhi. The meeting lasted till 10 o’clock in which the steps to be taken immediately to control the situation in Delhi were discussed. It is believed that the Home Minister has to intervene in the matter because US President Donald Trump is visiting India. Today, on Tuesday, Trump is in Delhi only. Here he has a meeting with Prime Minister Modi. In such a situation, the violence in Delhi has become a major problem for the government.

Let us tell you that the clash started on Sunday when the people protesting against the citizenship law in Zafarabad and rally in support of the citizenship law came face to face. Supporters of the CAA wanted the protesters to end their protest and clear the road. The situation became tense due to sloganeering from both sides. Gradually violent clashes took place and later the violence continued to escalate. The violence in some areas is still unabated.

The agitation that was being held on the road was peaceful till Sunday night when BJP leader Kapil Mishra took out a rally in support of the citizenship law in protest against the protesters. When Mishra took out a rally with his supporters, there were clashes with those who opposed the citizenship law. Stoning took place on both sides. Mishra released the video and then threatened the protesters. It all happened in front of the police. Instead of taking action against Kapil Mishra, the police was silent.