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IES officer missing after his vehicle falls into trench in Leh, family demands body

Nazish Hussain, TwoCircles.net  

The family of twenty-eight-year-old Subhan Ali, an IES officer who was stationed in Leh and went missing after his vehicle fell into a 5,000 feet trench, urged the Government of India to utilize all its resources to find the body.

Subhan was working with Border Roads Organization (BRO) in Leh.

Recently, he was deployed for monitoring an army quarantine camp. He was in charge of a quarantine centre in Dras, Meenamarg.

Subhan’s brother Sahban Ali in a video interview to BeyondHeadlines said that Subhan’s cell phone has been off since June 22 and they haven’t heard from him since.

The family learnt that Subhan’s vehicle met with an accident on NH1 and fell down.

Two people Subhan Ali and Palwinder Singh have been reported missing. The rescue team of police, GREF (BRO) and SDRF have been deployed and the vehicle (a Gypsy) was spotted and fished out from the trench.

“After they fished out the vehicle, they are now searching for the body. They have put in the hooks and nets. They said as the water is very cold there, no one is willing to dive in. They said after the body starts to decompose after 15 days and it will come up and only then will they be able to bring the body back,” Sahban Ali said.

Sahban said that he spoke to the DSP and DM and they assured him that they are looking into it personally and trying everything within their capacity. “Their limitation is that they do not have machinery,” he said.

“But the government of India has all the machinery. I want the government of India to bring my brother back from wherever he is and however he is. We can’t just sit relying on luck. The Government of India has many resources why can’t they bring my brother back. It is a stretch of 60 km only,” Sahban said.

Sahban added that they belong to a poor family. “Our father was a tailor. I raised my brother like my own son. I don’t know where he is now. I can’t just sit like that. I am trying to be strong. I just want to see my brother. It has been very difficult for us. At least the government should try to find and bring him back,” he said, adding, “What is the point of calling yourself a superpower if we have to wait like this?”