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    We do not necessarily agree to everything that you will find on these pages. We publish articles that will look at an issue from many different perspective to empower our informed readers to draw their own conclusion.

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    We will not publish articles that is racist, sexist or makes baseless allegation against a person or community.

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    We are helped by many individuals and organizations who support us financially, by resources and time.


    We couldn't say it better than these words of James Brow :

    I make no claim, therefore, that my account is either comprehensive or objective, let alone that it is the authoritative and definitive account of what happened … Like all account it is partial, in the twin senses of being both incomplete and one-sided, and that partiality is inescapably mine. Nevertheless, while I cannot avoid imposing myself as a screen between the people … and the reader, I am consoled by the thought that without my intervention few people would ever hear their voices… at all.

    This is not because [they] are incapable of speaking for themselves. Far from it: they are as eloquent as anyone else. But inequalities in the distribution of power, wealth, and the technologies of communication virtually guarantee that, without the intervention of someone like myself, they would be heard only within a very narrow horizon.


    We have writers and contributors sitting in different corners of the world and therefore you will find different styles of language in our articles and stories. You will find US, UK, and Indian English on the pages of We make no attempt to make it one standard, it is a reflection of our international readership and writers pool.

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