Soroor Ahmed

    Soroor Ahmed is a Patna-based freelance journalist. He writes on political, social, national and international issues.

    The surgical overkill may harm BJP’s poll prospect in UP: 2016 Nov 1st

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    Changing pattern of struggle against land acquisition in India: 2015 June 23

    Ironies of Shia-Sunni ties: 2015 June 06

    Genesis of Saudi, Iranian activism in Levant: 2015 May 06

    Is Sunni world suffering from Shia phobia?: 2015 April 27

    Unending list of ‘entertainers’ in Modi’s cabinet: 2015 April 09

    Jitan Ram Manjhi: Will he succeed in his gamble?: 2015 March 4

    Exaggerated claim of BJP’s core vote-base in Delhi: 2015 Feb 12

    If Mohammad, Jesus can be caricatured, why not Marx, Voltaire, Rousseau?: 2015 Jan 14

    Smart villages may help keep cities smarter: 2014 Dec 07

    Gandhi preferred young Nehru over Patel, just as BJP opted for Modi in place of Advani: 2014 Nov 28

    Reformer and ruler: No need to mix the role of two: 2014 Nov 15

    Quarter century after the political upheaval riots, Bhagalpur weaves India’s destiny: 2014 Nov 09

    Quarter century after the political upheaval riots, Bhagalpur weaves India’s destiny: 2014 Oct 29

    Silent diplomacy more effective than high-profile one: 2014 Oct 24

    Bihar 2015: Will ‘Triveni Sangh’ of JD (U), RJD & Congress work?: 2014 Oct 14

    Presence of Western fighters in ISIS raises serious questions: 2014 Sept 29

    A love-marriage, not love-jihad, which changed India’s history: 2014 Sept 21

    BJP’s defeat is seldom analyzed deeply: 2014 Sept 17

    No compulsory retirement for public figures, they can only opt for VRS: 2014 Sept 12

    Nitish, Lalu reunion may check divisions within Muslims in Bihar: 2014 Aug 25

    Nitish’s another turnaround story: But will it ensure victory?: 2014 Aug 02

    Nitish pays for his political miscalculation: 2014 May 25

    Mayawati vs Ram Vilas Paswan: A ding-dong battle for Dalit politics: 2014 May 19

    Is getting elected as MP from UP a pre-requisite for being in race for PM post?: 2014 May 13

    Comparing performance of PM with CM: How appropriate?: 2014 May 13

    BJP banking on division of anti-Modi votes in UP: 2014 May 7

    Not a very Azam way of making election speech: 2014 April 19

    Bihar heading for much closer fight in 2014 poll: 2014 April 08

    Sachar report has become an albatross for Narendra Modi’s BJP: 2014 March 14

    Will Narendra Modi prove as strong as Advani?: 2014 March 02

    Why AAP may pose bigger challenge to BJP than Congress?: 2014 Feb 01

    The Sachar, the half-Sach and some questions: 2014 Jan 19

    The stupidity of the Samajwadis of Uttar Pradesh: 2014 Jan 11

    Unnatural way of championing the cause of homosexuals: 2013 Dec 18

    Mistimed discussions: Is it a hallmark of Indian journalism?: 2013 Dec 7

    No scope for the pot calling the kettle black: 2013 Nov 22

    Need to understand difference between communalism and fascism: 2013 Oct 24

    Riots in Jatland: How different, how similar: 2013 Sep 23

    Muslim youth and Muzaffarnagar violence: 2013 Sep 13

    Bihari infiltrators vs Maratha invaders: 2012 Sep 26

    Former RSS chief’s move to offer Eid Namaz: Is there reason in ‘madness’?: 2012 Aug 31

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