Corruption in India (TI’s Global Corruption Barometer survey-2010)

    1. About 54% Indians paid a bribe in the past year. Extent of corruption in India is at levels comparable with Cambodia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Senegal, Uganda and Liberia.

    2. India is the ninth most corrupt country in the world, in a ranking of 86 countries, with 54% of people reporting having paid a bribe. War-torn Iraq (56%) and Afghanistan (61%) suffer worse levels than India, as do nations such as Liberia (89%), Uganda (86%), Nigeria (63%), Sierra Leone (71%), Senegal (56%) and Cambodia (84%).

    3. The world average is 25%, while the Asia Pacific average is 11%. The European Union enjoys an average of 5%, as does North America (Canada is marginally less corrupt than the United States), while Latin America and North Africa reported an average of 36%. Sub Saharan Africa has an average of 56%, compared with India’s 54%.

    4. ndians perceived political parties to be the most corrupt, ranking them 4.2 on a scale of one to five. Political parties are followed by Police (4.1), Parliament/legislature (4) and civil servants (3.5). Private sector, NGOs and judiciary are all seen to be similarly corrupt (3.1), with the media enjoying a marginally better rating at 3. Military (2.8) and religious bodies (2.9) enjoy better public confidence.

    5. Seventy-four percent Indians believed that levels of corruption has increased during the last three years, compared with a world average of 56% and Asia-Pacific average of 47%.



    Corruption in India (TI 2010 report)

    1. India this year is ranked at 87 among 178 countries, down three spots from 84 in 2009.

    2. Marginal decline in India’s integrity score to 3.3 in 2010 from 3.5 in 2007 and 3.4 in 2008 and 2009 on a scale from zero (perceived to be the highly corrupt) to 10 (low levels of corruption).

    3. Somalia is considered the world’s most corrupt country with a score of 1.1 followed by Myanmar and Afghanistan, while Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore are perceived to be the least corrupt with scores of 9.3.

    4. China is at the 78th position, indicating it is less corrupt than India. While Pakistan is shown as just a notch worse off than India, the US ranks fairly high at 22nd and is perceived to have relatively low levels of corruption. In Asia, Bhutan is perceived to be the least corrupt country.

    5. India’s ranking has consistently dipped since 2006 when it was ranked 70 among 163 countries.


    Corruption in India (TI 2009 report)

    1) Global Corruption Perception Index: India has been ranked 84th in the list of 180 countries in terms of public-sector corruption, which is perceived to be highly corrupt.

    2)India’s integrity score this year is 3.4, same as for the year 2008.With the exception of Bhutan, which has a score of 5.0, India with 3.4 is still at the top of all the South Asian countries. Nearly half out of 180 countries have scored three or even lower points; a clear indication that corruption is perceived to be rampant. Haiti, Iraq, Myanmar and Somalia have recorded the lowest score of less than 1.5.


    Most corrupt in India (TI-2009 report):
    1.Political Parties
    2.Public officials/Civil Servants
    3.Parliament/ Legislature
    4.Business/Private Sector


    1. Bribe paid by BPL families in Jharkhand in 2008 was around Rs 16 crore.

    2. The finding shows that corruption was highest in basic services which are free for BPL families like health, school education and water supply.

    3. Corruption is also rampant in police department and schemes under NREGA, land record and banking.