MPSEDC made nodal agency for e-kiosks

By Pervez Bari,
Bhopal, June 19: The Madhya Pradesh Government has decided to establish 9232 common service centers (e-kiosks) under the National e-governance plan in the state.
In this context, Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation, (MPSEDC), has been made the state level nodal agency by the state government. Under the scheme, each revenue division would be considered as geographical unit for selection of service center agency. Also, applications would be invited on the basis of these units.
One common service center would be established between three gram panchayats. Moreover, for selection of service agency, block will be considered as the smallest geographical unit and common service center would be selected from the concerned panchayats under the scheme. Facilities would be considered while selecting service center such as rural telephone exchange, Haat Bazaar, Community health center, High school/Higher secondary School, Mandi premises, office of the agriculture department and post office.
As per the instructions of the state government, it is mandatory to obtain prior approval from IT Department before establishing separate infrastructure of IT by any department. Directives have been issued by the IT Department for inviting applications in this regard. ([email protected])