Ramachandra Guha, Mohsin Hamid top authors of the week


New Delhi : Ramachandra Guha's take on "India after Gandhi" takes over from the enormously popular "The Last Mughal" as non-fiction favourite this week, while Mohsin Hamid's "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" continues as top fiction book.

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The top 10 in the non-fiction and fiction categories are:


1. "India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy"
Author : Ramachandra Guha
Publisher : Picador India
Price : Rs.695.00

2. "The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi, 1857"
Author : William Dalrymple
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Price : Rs.695.00

3. "Celebrating The Best of Urdu Poetry"
Author : Khushwant Singh
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Price : Rs. 300.00

4. "India's Politics: A View From the Backbench"
Author : Bimal Jalan
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Price : Rs.350.00

5. "Terrifying Vision: M.S. Golwalkar, The RSS And India"
Author : Jyotirmaya Sharma
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Price : Rs.295.00

6. "The Indians: Portrait of a People"
Author : Sudhir & Katharina Kakar
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Price : Rs.395.00

7. "A Teardrop on the Cheek of Time: The Story of The Taj Mahal"
Author : Diana & Michael Preston
Publisher : Doubleday
Price : Rs.695.00

8. "Nixon And Kissinger: Partners in Power"
Author : Robert Dallek
Publisher : Harper Collins
Price : $24.50 (Rs.1,002)

9. "Mohandas: A True Story of a Man, His People and an Empire"
Author : Rajmohan Gandhi
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Price : Rs.650.00

10. "Reflections in a Sacred Pond: An Inquiry into India's History, Mythology"
Author : Murad Ali Baig
Publisher : Tara Press
Price : Rs.450.00


1. "The Reluctant Fundamentalist"
Author : Mohsin Hamid
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Price : Rs.295.00

2. "Merchants of Death"
Author : Neelima Dalmia Adhar
Publisher : Har-Anand
Price : Rs.395.00

3. "The Inheritance Of Loss"
Author : Kiran Desai
Publisher : Penguin Books
Price : Rs.395.00

4. "Digging To America"
Author : Anne Tyler
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Price : $5.50 (Rs.225)

5. "Step On a Crack"
Author : James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Publisher : Headline
Price : Rs.395.00

6 "I Heard That Song Before"
Author : Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Price : $18.75 (Rs.767)

7 "Shantaram"
Author : Gregory David Roberts
Publisher : Abacus
Price : £5.50 (Rs.448)

8. "The Namesake"
Author : Jhumpa Lahiri
Publisher : Harper Collins
Price : Rs.295.00

9. "The Castle In The Forest"
Author : Norman Mailer
Publisher : Little Brown
Price : Rs.495.00

10. "The Peacock Throne: An Epic Tale of Modern India"
Author : Sujit Saraf
Publisher : Sceptre
Price : £6.25 (Rs.509)

(Source: Bahri Sons, New Delhi, www.booksatbahri.com. All the books listed
above are available online.)