‘Mighty Heart’ Irrfan on cloud nine

By Subhash K. Jha


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Mumbai : The screening of Michael Winterbottom's "A Mighty Heart" at Cannes Film Festival was an emotional experience for Irrfan Khan who plays the head of a Pakistani counter-terrorism unit in the film.

The film, starring Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman in the main lead, got an overwhelming response.

"The applause went on for 10 minutes after the film ended. I was watching it for the first time with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who are friends from the time we shot in India together," Irrfan told IANS on phone from Cannes.

"The real character Mariane Pearl, on whose life 'A Mighty Heart' is based, was also in Cannes with her son. They didn't watch it with us. But they've, of course, seen the film and love it," he added.

Apparently, the real Mariane loved Irrfan's performance.

"Everyone has been deeply appreciative," said Irrfan who walked the red carpet dressed in an Armani outfit.

"The walk on the red carpet with Angelina and Brad was memorable because we were representing a film that has tried to tell the truth about what happened to Daniel Pearl. We weren't there for a glamour parade."

The actor, who got rave reviews for his performance in the film, has so far run into George Clooney and Andy Garcia, who are in Cannes for "Ocean 13". He also met Ethan Coen.

"This is the first time for one of my films in Cannes. And I feel elated. The glamour, creativity, photo shoots and press conferences are all so unreal and yet part of the cinematic reality.

"With 'The Namesake' and 'A Mighty Heart' I'm being recognised over here at Cannes. I hope it lasts," Irrfan has his fingers crossed.