Israeli killed in rocket attack in Sderot


Gaza/Tel Aviv : An Israeli was killed in Palestinian rocket attack on the southern Israeli border town of Sderot.

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The man in his 30s died after a Qassam rocket his car on Sunday morning. Another Israeli was injured in the attack.

Israeli police raised alert levels Saturday night to the highest possible non-emergency level, following a Saturday afternoon shooting attack on security forces by two Palestinian terrorists in East Jerusalem, the Israeli online news service, ynet, reported Sunday.

"We know that there is a strong desire right now to carry out terror attacks and attempts to carry them out are actively taking place," head of the police operations department, commander Yoram Ohayon was quoted as saying by ynet.

Five people were killed and five wounded in Israeli airstrikes Saturday on security forces of the Islamic Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

Another two armed Palestinians were killed and when they opened fire on a police patrol on the West Bank border with East Jerusalem, injuring four officers, Israeli media reported. A third Palestinian, uninvolved in the attack, was killed in the crossfire.

Eyewitnesses and security sources said that firefighters and ambulances rushed to the targeted areas Saturday after four huge explosions were heard in the densely populated area of Zeitoon in southern Gaza City, as well as in the western part of the city.

The Islamic Hamas movement had responded to fresh strikes against its forces in the Gaza Strip by saying that renewed attacks in Israel were only a matter of time.