Pakistan targets 86% literacy rate by year 2015


Islamabad : Pakistan’s National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) to achieve 86 percent literacy rate in the country by year 2015 through expanding its ‘Literacy Program’ nationwide.

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This was stated by Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Chairman NCHD while talking to APP. The Commission, he said, has successfully entered its 5th year of operations through expanding its literacy and health programmes from two districts in 2002 to more than 122 districts in 2007.

NCHD has evolved a two prong strategy of Universalization of Primary Education and Adult Literacy Program to increase literacy rate, he added.

Apart from expanding literacy programme, NCHD has developed ‘Information and Communication (ICT) based Literacy Kit’ to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to cope with global challenges.

He was also appreciative of UNESCO efforts for developing computer based Literacy Program with NCHD.

Highlighting the objectives of developing literacy kit he said it would also provide an interactive learning environment to the Adult Literacy Learners as ICT kit can be used for various basic education and skill training activities through both formal and non-formal mechanisms.

Explaining the Salient Features of Literacy Kit an official told ICT is not just a computer programme but it also includes radio television, telephone, fax and various kinds of disc media.

There will be one teacher in each ICT Center and the ratio between teachers and learners will be 1:15 to 1:20. Daily two hours literacy class will be organized and the timing will be flexible while the age group of learners may be between 11 to 30 years, he added.

He further told that initially the ICTs would be established in two districts including Haripur and Attock.