Good news: Mohammedan not shutting down; bad news: 123-year-old club not to participate in Durand Cup

One of India’s most prestigious football clubs, it was founded originally as ‘Jubilee Club’ in 1887 under the leadership of Nawab Aminul Islam. Its name was then changed to ‘Crescent Club’, which was again changed to ‘Hamidia Club’.

Missing prior strategy reduces Muslims’ representation in Assembly

Muslims who form 12-14% of the Maharashtra population and figures to be approximately 15% of the voters have shown great enthusiasm during this times’ election, especially youths, ...

Delhi 1984 and Gujarat 2002 and tales of complicity and cover-ups: Manoj Mitta

In his hour-long talk Manoj Mitta who is the author of When a Tree Shook Delhi (published 2008) and The Fiction of Fact-Finding (published 2014) drew parallels between the government response and investigations following the anti-Sikh violence in Delhi in 1984 and anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat in 2002.

अच्छे दिनों के साथ अच्छी दीवाली आई है : राम नाईक

कार्यभार सम्हालने के तीन महीनों के पूरे होने पर अपनी बेटी विशाखा कुलकर्णी के सम्पादन में ‘राज्यभवन में राम नाईक’ शीर्षक के अंतर्गत रिपोर्ट कार्डनुमा बुकलेट राज्यपाल ने जारी किया. इस मौके पर राज्यपाल अपनी कार्यप्रणाली में पारदर्शिता की वकालत कर दिखे.