Indo-Kuwait Society asks Indian govt. to help rescue stranded labourers

Mohammed Moosa, a young expatriate from Thalassery in Kannur district of Kerala, has now become a familiar face for the labour court officials in Kuwait City...

TCN impact -- PRO job in AMU put on hold

The appointment of Public relations officer in AMU has been put on hold after TCN reported about alleged illegalities in the selection process.

Parbhani masjid blast acquittals: Court doubted state's intention in prosecuting the accused

The complicity of public prosecutors, coupled with a lethargic attitude of the Maharashtra state in prosecuting the accused in 2003 Parbhani Masjid bomb blast case lead to the acquittal of all the accused...

पूर्व राज्यपाल व केन्द्रीय मंत्री शफ़ी क़ुरैशी का निधन, आज किए जाएंगे सुपुर्द-ए-खाक

देश के जान-माने सियासतदां, कई राज्यों के पूर्व राज्यपाल और इंदिरा गांधी के दौर में केन्द्रीय रेल मंत्री रह चुके मुहम्मद शफ़ी कुरैशी का रविवार के दिन तीन बजे निधन हो गया.


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