Gandhi’s people in Maoist land

The team has hardened tribal activists from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh against whom sedition charges were pressed, teenage boys and girls, who want to bring a change in the lives of the adivasis, a college student who loves photographing people,...

Madrassa student burning case: Investigating team formed, No arrest so far

Close on the heels of negative propaganda by media post-Burdwan blasts, a mysterious incident of attempted burning of a Madrassa student in a village near here, allegedly by a suspected radical group, has given rise to communal tension.

‘Haider’- miles away from reality

We, who are living in rather peaceful parts of India, actually cannot imagine or maybe we do not want to admit, the harsh realities of a conflict zone such as Kashmir … more so, the plight of the women in the valley.

Silent diplomacy more effective than high-profile one

Israel was quick to come to India’s assistance with an airlift of howitzer tanks during the Kargil war. Further, Israel and India are cooperating in various fields, for instance, counter-terrorism, intelligence sharing, drip irrigation, arms supply, military training etc with media paying little attention.