Seminar by Islamic Research & Dawah Centre in Manipur

Islamic Research & Dawah Centre (IRDC) organised a three-day seminar on the topic ‘Be a Role Model on Parenting, Teaching & Goal Setting’ to instill Islamic values among the followers of the faith in Manipur.

Is Sunni world suffering from Shia phobia?

Yemen, where Zaidi Shias are considered much closer to Sunnis, is the latest example. About 35-45 % population is Shia and there is no such sectarian conflict whatsoever. In fact, these Zaidis were very close to Salafi Saudis till a few months back.

The day my world was reduced to rubble: Eyewitness

The main earthquake, which struck Nepal on Saturday morning with a magnitude of 7.9, did the maximum damage in the capital and other places, with the aftershocks adding their bit. Within minutes of the ground shaking,...

Population by religions in times to come

Insecurity and ghettoisation have made Indian Muslims vulnerable and they have become more susceptible to the influence of conservative maulanas advising against the family planning etc.