Revisiting the creation of Israel

Like political Islam, Zionism is a dangerous cocktail of faith, nationalism and politics that has made establishment of Jewish National Home and its preservation as the sole purpose, while its critics see the movement as colonialist and racist.

Curious case of a “secular Muslim”

I am going to spill my thoughts on, a particular section of, the upholders of this awe-inspiring ideology and their spurious addition to the vocabulary of the same: “Secular Muslim.”

“Netanyahu you will see, you will see, Palestine will be free"

As the march reached near Downing Street, protesters pointed fingers towards Prime Minister’s residence and shouted, “David Cameron you are a coward”; “David Cameron you will see Palestine will be free”.

Saharanpur still tense, curfew on

Police officials said the situation in Saharanpur city was under control but tense although there had been no major incident of violence since late Saturday night.