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NGOs fighting for justice for victims of Bhopal gas tragedy

By Staff Reporter,

Bhopal: The five organisations working among the people poisoned by Union Carbide and the counsel of the petitioners have expressed disappointment over a US court judgment on the Union Carbide. In a major blow to victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, a US court ruled that the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) cannot be sued for the ongoing contamination from the chemical plant.


Relevance of Khudai Khidmatgar today

By Sandeep Pandey,

It would seem improbable today but in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, which is centre of continued violence today dominated by Taliban, there existed an organisation dedicated to non-violence called Khudai Khidmatgar not very long back. The person who founded this was called Frontier Gandhi – Khand Abdul Gaffar Khan popularly known as Badshah Khan or Bacha Khan. The first organisation he founded was called Anjuman-e-Islah-e-Afghania which worked for education of Pathans or Pashtuns. Badshah Khan was not a politician. He was more of a social reformer. He believed in socialism. He worked for empowerment of women, peaceful resolution of feuds between community members known for their short temper, abolition of alcohol, etc. He started the first school in his own village Utmanzai. How difficult his work must have been can be imagined from the 2012 incident when a teenager activist Malala Yousafzai was shot at merely for advocating the right of girls to education. Malala also hails from the Pashtun community. What the Taliban did to Malala, the British did to Gaffar Khan much earlier as they banned his school.

Subhan's Pakistan link: Delhi Police seeks Kolkata's aid

New Delhi : Delhi Police has approached its Kolkata counterparts for the custody of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative Arshad Khan who had provided contact numbers of Pakistan-based terrorist handlers to arrested LeT operative Abdul Subhan.

Police said Subhan came in touch with his Pakistan-based LeT handlers Javed Baluchi and Ajam Cheema with some phone numbers provided by Arshad, who is presently lodged in Kolkata jail.

Munshi Premchand

By Jaspal Singh,

Today is the 134th birth anniversary of one of the greatest writers of Hindustan,Munshi Premchand.He is referred to as Upanyas Samrat(emperor of the novelists) Munshiji was born in a small village near Banaras in a family of limited means.His father was a Patwari.His earlier education was done in a local Madrasa,where he learnt Farsi and Urdu from a Maulvi.Later on he went to other schools and colleges in Banaras and Allahabad.

Artistes show solidarity with Palestinians

New Delhi : A conceptual artist Thursday smashed watermelons and took out olives from each. The olives represented Gaza's main crop while the performance narrated Israel's "ruthless attitude" in Gaza in a conflict that has killed around 1,300 Palestinians.

The performance was part of an event "Artist Action for Gaza", organised by the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (Sahmat), where artistes, performers and singers came together to show their support for the people of Gaza.

Muslim business chamber demands ban on beef export

Aligarh : The Muslim Chamber of Industries and Commerce here Thursday demanded that beef export should be stopped immediately while buffalo meat export must be contained.

The demand was made in a resolution unanimously passed at its meeting here. In another resolution, the MCCI suggested steps be taken to increase production and export of milk and milk based products.


Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza is a promotional advertisement of its arms

By A. Mirsab,,

It goes without saying that devoid of an advertisement your products can not be sold in the market and to trade your products you first have to make people know about it. Promotion of the product in the world’s eye is as much important in trading as its quality and effectiveness. It is also the well understood phenomenon of the business that people opt for the things which are already tested and found to be effective in operation.

A town in Maharashtra could not celebrate Eid due to communal tensions

By Staff Reporter,

Yavatmal: When all the Muslims in the country were celebrating Eid on Tuesday, there was a town in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal which was gripped in communal tension after a spat over parking with the police.


Goa Catholics upset over deputy CM's comment

Panaji : Catholics living in Goa can be called Indian Christians but not Hindu Christians, the Catholic Association of Goa said Thursday criticizing Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza's comments.

"We, their heirs (of Hindu ancestors) are now Christians. We can be surely called 'Indian Christians'. When one does not know what one is talking about, then it is better to remain silent. In this way we can at least conceal our ignorance," the association's spokesperson Brig. (retired) Ian da Costa said in a statement here.

Kashmiri literature documented in website

New Delhi : In an endeavour to make languages like Pahari, Gujree, Dogri, Kohistani and Sheikhagal from Jammu and Kashmir accessible to a wider audience and introduce them to their rich folklore, a group has developed a website that will be launched Aug 5.

This could be one of the first initiatives to document languages from Jammu and Kashmir to make younger generation learn various dialects, poems, songs and folklore that have been a part of their culture.