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Malappuram : Rasiya Mohammedkutty: A Muslim woman who teaches both Sanskrit and Qur’an

पटना (बिहार) : इबरार रज़ा : दलित-मुसलमानों में जागरूकता लाने की एक मिसाल

Doda (J&K): By educating children in a village, Kashmiri youth continues mission of his father killed by the Army

बेगुसराय: भंते बुद्ध प्रकाश : जादूगरों की बखिया उधेड़ने वाला जादूगर

Delhi: Pratik Parmar: Challenging the Savarna hegemony with a camera in hand

वाराणसी: अपने गाँव को शिक्षित किया तबस्सुम, तरन्नुम और रुबीना ने

Solapur: Aftab Sheikh: A 22-year-old felicitated by the Govt of India for his social work and leadership

Maharashtra: Usman Jamadar: For whom religious service and social activity are two sides of the same coin

Aazamgarh: दलित-मुस्लिम महिलाओं के हक के लिए लड़ती कनीज़ फातिमा

Mumbai: Yogesh Wajnari: Translating Dalit literature so that Ambedkarite struggle can be looked through its originality

Shirpur: Dattu Thorat: A mechanic working to improve education levels in Shirpur

Kannur: Rupesh Kumar: A Dalit filmmaker, academic, journalist with the sole aim of destroying casteism

Kutch: Sufiyan Khatri: An artist who is helping an entire village earn a living through an ancient artform

Solapur: Jahangir Shaikh: A guardian of unclaimed dead bodies

Patna: Shazia Khan: An entrepreneur trying to mentor Muslim women find their feet

Patna: Hussain Rizvi: A resident of Patna with international recognition for his selfless services

Solapur: How 7 teachers in Solapur took it upon themselves to improve education in Urdu schools

Patna: Savita Ali: Raising her voice to highlight atrocities against Dalit and Muslim women

Kerala: How Binesh Balan, an Adivasi, fought the Kerala bureaucracy to achieve his dream of studying abroad

Pune: Saleem Mulla: The man for whom rejuvenating a dead well was not a choice, but a duty

Mumbai: Dadarao Patekar: Fighting for the rights of Mumbai’s Safai Karamcharis

Florida: She almost did not become a Doctor; but now Dr Farida Ghoghawala helps thousands of women for free

Delhi: शाह आलम : साइकिल से ढूंढी चम्बल में आज़ादी की कहानी

Malappuram: Bappu Haji: An octogenarian who lives only to serve others

Udalguri, Assam: Chandan Boro: Son of a sweeper from Assam selected for Football training in Germany

Bihar: गरीब मानसिक रोगियों के मसीहा डॉ. उदय कुमार

Mumbai: For Asit Sapkale, music is synonymous with resistance

Mumbai: How Santosh Thorat is helping rebuild homes, increase literacy in Mumbai’s Dalit colonies

सीतामढ़ी(बिहार): सफ़दर अली : मुसलमानों की तरक़्क़ी का आन्दोलन

Kozhikode: From actors to money, how a Malayalam filmmaker is redefining the concept of ‘crowdfunding’

Varansi: एक गरीब बूढ़े का घायल जानवरों के लिए सत्याग्रह

Patna: गांव का हुलेसवा बना डॉ. हुलेश मांझी

Goalpara:In Goalpara, a tribal theatre troupe connects people with the nature thanks to Sukracharya Rabha

Latur: Maheboob Syed: A life dedicated to caring for birds and animals

Guwahati: When a Guwahati auto driver’s exemplary honesty stunned his passenger

Hyderabad: True to their roots: US-based Indian doctor couple come to India every year to treat poor patients

Dehri-On-Sone(Bihar): दूसरों के न्याय के लिए लड़ते इज़हार हुसैन

New Delhi: In the lanes of Batla House, a mission to empower women

Nokha: दलितों की लड़ाई के अहम योद्धा मंगनाराम मेघवाल

Kerala: Dhanya Raman: Giving a voice to the marginalised in Kerala

Bihar: बिहार के गरीब स्कूल की रंगीन कहानी

West Bengal: Samim Sarkar: Running a coaching centre to help poor Minority students

West Bengal: Kutubuddin Khan: Engineer devoted to making the world a greener place

Aurangabad (Maharashtra): Yusuf Mukati: Empowering the poor through a multi-utility resource centre

Utter Pradesh : Manjula Pradeep: Working tirelessly to ensure equal rights for Dalits

Maharashtra : Aamir Edresy: Helping the under-privileged through the Association of Muslim professionals

Uttar Pradesh : विनोद यादव –सताए हुए तबक़े की एक मज़बूत आवाज़

Kerala : Mohammed Ali Shihab: An inspiring journey from orphanage to UPSC

Assam : Mustafa Ahmed: Child Scientist from Assam who developed a seed storage system

Karnataka : For Ali Khwaja, counselling is the key to building people’s lives

Bihar : ‘बिहारी’ जो ऑक्सफोर्ड को किशनगंज ले आए…

Assam : Raham Ali: The farmer who donated land for school

Maharashtra : Waseem Siddique: A software developer with a passion for social work

Uttar Pradesh : मास्टर क़ासिम : शिक्षा की मशाल जलाकर हज़ारों ज़िंदगियां कर रहे हैं रोशन

Andhra Pradesh : For Abu Aimal, journalism remains a means to help the needy

Bihar : गांव सुधारने निकले एक शख्स की अनोखी कहानी

West Bengal : For Bebyda Khatun, a National award is the ideal recognition of her efforts as an Anganwadi worker

Andhra Pradesh: Sowing the SEED of progress among Indian Muslims

West Bengal : Kolkata girl aims to knock out poverty with the help of Karate

Delhi : Despite disabilities, Faisal Nawaz aims to empower Muslim women in Delhi

Kolkata : 58-year-old earns less than Rs 70 a day but still runs an orphanage and a school

Uttar Pradesh : मरे हुए लोगों के रखवाले – भोलानाथ एंड कंपनी

Uttar Pradesh : Danish Suhail: Dedicated for the people of misfortune

Maharashtra : Lifelong struggle against the caste system to create a life of dignity

Assam : Tayabun Nisha, first woman from Assam to win medals

Uttar Pradesh : Lobbying for Urdu & History: Abdul Naseer Nasir

West Bengal : No handicap to success for Jahanara Khatun

Maharashtra : Mirza Aejaz Baig: An ordinary teacher with an extra-ordinary zeal for poor to complete their matriculation

Uttar Pradesh : बीस साल के लड़के का सत्याग्रह

Jammu and Kashmir : RISE and shine: opportunity for Kashmiri students to be IITian/NITan

Kerala: A Hindu and his designer mosques

Assam: Benedict Areng: Fighting a life-long battle for betterment of Garos

West Bengal: Zainab Sayeed: UPSC cracker who wants more Muslim girls to be IAS

Jammu and Kashmir: Conflict to peace via women: Helping distressed women in J&K

Uttar Pradesh : Samina Bano: The girl who makes RTE work

Maharashtra : From scavenging to doctoral dreams: An inspiring journey of Sunil Yadav

Maharashtra: For the Love of Urdu: Running free Urdu classes

Karnataka: Ashiyana: Bengaluru’s old age home

Kerala: Twelve-year-old tennis prodigy blooms in Kerala orphanage

Maharashtra: Advocate Tahiwar Pathan: Defending community more important than earning money

West Bengal: A school drop-out who is helping to educate thousands

UAE: ‘Aaghaz’: Mission to ‘educate to advance’ for a better life

Assam: Entrepreneur Habib Chowdhury spreading aroma in Laos to strengthen India’s ‘look east’ policy

Uttar Pradesh : बनारस से फैलता भारत-पाक एका का राग

Kerala: Her Hijab no deterrent, this IAS officer determined to work for marginalised sector

Gujarat: From being local to going global, journey of a minority school of Gujarat

Uttar Pradesh: Bringing light into people’s life: A story of ‘electrifying’ Lucknow couple!!

Saudi Arabia: Banking on quality education: Mission of Mansoor Durrani

Delhi: Locals keep Delhi’s oldest orphanage running

Assam: On ‘Mission Impossible’, this Assam doc uses religious text to propagate health

Uttar Pradesh: Kunta Devi: A woman farmer from UP

Chhattisgarh: Padma Shri Saba Anjum Karim: Story of Grit, determination and much more

West Bangal: Rahima Khatun: Exemplary work in the field of Muslim women empowerment and children’s welfare in West Bengal

Andhra Pradesh: Giving wings to dreams and a Sunday School!!

Jammu and Kashmir: Haji Public School: Redefining rural educational scenario in Jammu & Kashmir

Andhra Pradesh: Businessman who enjoys establishing schools rather than building skyscrapers

Andhra Pradesh: This women’s day meet Captain Salva who dared to dream of skies

Maharashtra: Pune’s youth balance high-profile careers still reach out to the underprivileged

West Bengal: Nabadisha: A new direction towards free medical services, medicines for poor

Andhra Pradesh: Taking the Ghazal route for learning Urdu, beats all divides

Andhra Pradesh: Doctors of conscience travel thousands of miles to serve the needy

West Bengal: Good Samaritan taxi driver builds free primary schools, orphanage in remote Sundarban village

Andhra Pradesh: Health camps of US doctors for poor patients in Hyderabad

Kerala: Thanks to Shamsheer, NRIs to be allowed voting

Delhi: Noor: Bringing a new light into lives of women from Basti Nizamuddin

New Delhi: ‘Muslims of India’ FB page to document, celebrate community’s past and present

Karnataka: Empowerment through value education: Touching lives of underprivileged students

West Bengal: Arshi Hasmat tops WB Judicial Service Exams; 19 Muslims among 117 selected in 2014

Maharashtra: Gulzar Azmi: A man with hunger for integrity and justice

Kerala: Over four decades of selfless service for those in pain

Assam: Giving a new life of dignity to the deserted elders

Karnataka: Azeem … Ever Glowing Candle!

Uttar Pradesh: Babri case litigant for lifetime but never oppugnant of Hindu-Muslim syncretism

Maharashtra: Incredible life of Rubina Patel