MP terror stories

    Unheard & Unspoken: Terror stories from Madhya Pradesh

    Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest states in India, also known as the heart of India. In recent years every major bomb blast linked to the Hindutva groups whether it is Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid or Malegaon, all of them have been traced back to the Malwa region (western part) of the state. But in spite of M.P. being the capital of Hindutva terrorism, state police and intelligence focus seem to be on Muslims. In this series we trace the lives of several Muslims youth and their families and how they have been made to suffer in the heartland of India- their stories largely unheard and unspoken, until now.

    This series was blocked in India for about six months by Government of India beginning in August 2012.

    Part 1: SIMI, an excuse to harass Muslims of Madhya Pradesh

    Part 2: A trial of 11 years and counting

    Part 3: Muslim youths of Ujjain: Harassed by police and media

    Part 4: Robbing their peace and declaring them dacoits

    Part 5: Iqrar and Habeeb: two different paths to jail

    Part 6: Bizarre case of Aamil Parvez

    Part 7: Multiple stories of an arrest

    Part 8: Destroying their lives when not killing them in encounters

    Part 9: Inside MP prisons, a life of hell awaits Muslim prisoners

    Part 10: Fighting phantoms: The story of Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad

    Part 11: kise vakil karen, kis se munsifi chahen?

    Part 12: Muslim life in Hindu Pradesh