Muslim life in Hindu Pradesh

Unheard & Unspoken: Terror stories from Madhya Pradesh: Part 12 (concludes)

By Ismail Khan,

Madhya Pradesh has more than 4 million Muslims. This 6% of the total Madhya Pradesh population live in a peculiar situation with hardly any economic or educational prosperity in addition to lack of political representation.

Earlier before BJP rose to power in MP there was 13 Muslims out of 230 MLAs, however in 2008 assembly election only one Arif Aqueel from Congress was elected from old city of Bhopal, now he is the sole Muslim member in 230 members in assembly.

Crumbling history

The capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal was earlier a Muslim kingdom, it still have its relics left in the form of 25% of population in Bhopal district is Muslim, highest in the state. But the situation of the Muslims in the capital is grim, majority of them are semi-literate and unemployed. And according to some the biggest threat Muslims are facing not only in Bhopal but in whole MP is an attack on their religious freedom.

According to Masood Ahmed Khan, Secretary of the Coordination Committee of Indian Muslims (CCIM), Muslim students in MP schools are facing identity crunch, “Surya Namaskar, Bhojan Mantar, Gita Saar, Singing of Vande Matram are being made mandatory in MP schools by the government, when Catholic Church of MP approached Jabalpur high court those mandatory rules were struck down for non-Hindus but Muslim students are still being harassed by fellow classmates and teachers if they decline to follow the Hindu culture.”

Speaking on economic condition of Muslims, he said Muslims are financially sound in some districts like Indore, Ratlam, Jabalpur and Burhanpur but generally they are economically weak in other parts of MP. The reason he gave is non-implementation of prime ministers 15 point program for minorities and Sachar Committee recommendations. “Muslims are facing huge difficulties in getting loans for their business or education from banks, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has declared openly that he is not going to implement Sachar Committee recommendations.”

“Chief Minister of MP didn’t allot land for the construction of Aligarh Muslim university branch in Bhopal, Muslims of MP are trying their best to setup AMU campus in Bhopal but government is opposing it. Even the Muslims students are not getting scholarships properly from the MP govt.” said Masood Khan discussing the MP government’s approach towards education empowerment of Muslims.

Union Minister of Minorities Affairs Salman Khurshid seen on dais at State Waqf Boards’ Conf. along with MP Minorities Welfare Minister A. Vishnoi, Bihar Minorities Welfare Minister Shahid & MPWB Chairman Ghufran Azam in Bhopal on June 20, 2012.

Ajay Vishnohi a stern RSS worker and Animal husbandry minister is seen as mind behind Gau-Vansh Vadh Pratishedh (Sanshodhan) Vidheyak, or the Madhya Pradesh Prohibition of Slaughter of Cow-Progeny (Amendment) Bill 2011. This bill is being termed as draconian by many in the state, by implementing this bill MP became the first state in India which has banned eating of beef, and 7 years rigorous imprisonment is provided for slaughtering a cow and arrest can be made by head constable on mere suspicion. A state which holds the top rank in the country for malnutrition of children and which failed to guarantee educational rights to minorities, will now protect cows by forming ‘Gaushalas’ ‘Gau Raksha Samitis’ on the expenditure of tax payers’ money in the whole state, thus Hinduizing the state.

Interestingly Ajay Vishnohi Animal husbandry minster a well-known hardcore RSS worker is also minority affairs and wakf minister of MP.

MP State Wakf Board has over 14,980 properties under its supervision, according to its own website 1,696 properties is being encroached or cases are pending on them, 296 of them are in Bhopal alone, this is according to the government data. Even agricultural land of MP wakf board runs into thousands of acres covering nearly every district. All-India State Waqf Boards’ Conference was organized in Bhopal on 20th of this month, to discuss the challenges wakf boards is facing to protect wakf properties, Ajay Vishnohi the chief guest and the main speaker, the man in the center of the allegations of encroaching wakf properties will give tips to 25 state wakf board on how to save them.

“There were 105 grave yards in Bhopal district alone now after continuous encroachments only 25 are left”, said Dr. Mubarak Khan a medical practitioner from Bhopal and member of CCIM. He even alleged that half of the encroached wakf properties are now the government properties or the properties of ministers. He said Muslim rulers of that time were secular and more honest than the present governments, “Whenever any Muslim ruler built something for the welfare of Muslims, on the same tune they will construct for non-Muslims, like for example our begum rulers built Darul Shafaqat for Muslim orphan kids, in the same way they built orphanage homes for Hindu children.”

Dr. Mubarak is also of the opinion that if even the remaining wakf properties are being utilized in proper way then MP Muslims will not need any help from the government for education and economic upliftment.

Apart from this Madhya Pradesh has always been in the news as a breeding ground for extremist groups, Muslim radical outfits were targeted heavily by the administration, but when it comes to radical outfits among Hindus it is alleged and observed by many that they enjoy patronage of MP government. In the recent years scores Muslim youths were arrested from different parts of MP especially from Malwa region on charges of terrorism, MP stand on first position in the list of states with highest number of terror accused, unfortunately all of them are Muslim youths.

Advocate Shahid Siddiqui, President of the Social and Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Madhya Pradesh alleged that government is breeding hindutva radicalism in the state on ideological basis and for the benefits in the long run. He even said police administration is not independent in MP to operate impartially. “Police today in MP work under direct supervision of right wing forces from the government, they had to work according to government’s diktats, and they had to investigate what government asks them to do, and had to turn a blind eye on government orders. There is an undeclared policy of MP government that police should not keep a tab on Hindu fundamentalist group and free hand should be given to them. That is why we had seen how major bomb attacks by Hindu fundamentalist groups are planned in MP, all the perpetrators of Hindutva terror strikes were from MP.” He said.

Talking on the inability of MP police to control Hindutva extremist he said, “Police had let go a Hindutva activist who planted a bomb in World Tablighi Ijtema in Bhopal by terming him insane. Majority of Muslims youths who were arrested by MP police and ATS are from Malwa region but the fact is the companions of Sunil Joshi, a RSS worker went on record to state that he organized a 10 day terror training camps in Malwa region, but police have not investigated this fact.”

He also added, “MP Police knew about everything, they knew the bomb planters, the organizers of terror training camps, but they turned a blind eye following obediently the policy of the government.”

One important reason which is giving independence to BJP government to implement anti-Muslim policies and to slowly infiltrate Hindutva in the state administration is weak opposition both in the assembly and on the ground level. Self-proclaimed secular Congress is the major opposition party in MP, but often congress is accused of being mum on the actions of BJP government concerning Muslims and Hinduization of administration. It seems for MP congress 6% votes of Muslims is not worth taking ire of the right wing forces, and been seen as anti-Hindus.

Mohammad Ibrahim Qureshi is the former chairman of MP State Minorities Commission and a Congress leader close to former CM Digvijay Singh. He said MP government is complicit with Hindutva right-wing forces, but he refuse to accept any leader from his party is encouraging this trend. He even said Muslim leaders from his party are trying their bit to raise the issues concerning their community.

Maulana Mohammad Haji Haroon is the President of the Congress Minorities Cell, he agrees with Ibrahim Qureshi that BJP government is propagating communalism here in MP, patronizing extremist Hindutva elements and targeting Muslim youths. When we asked him what congress and its Muslim leaders are doing in raising this issue, he stated that Congress is raising this issue and trying to solve this problem, but seeing the track record of MP congress in the last decade it’s hard to believe him.

Maulana is also president of Jamaitul Ulema MP unit, he said while Congress might not be doing enough but JIU is doing their bit. “As part of our all India campaign against the harassment of Muslim youths, we here in MP are collecting data on the arresting of Muslim youths in terror cases from every district. We are trying hard to establish our volunteers in every district and town to empower Muslims. We will provide the data to the Delhi head office so they can raise this issue more effectively. There are many problems concerning Muslims here not just terror arrests and we are trying our best to take the plights of MP Muslims to Delhi.”

In the last decade MP had seen a drastic increase in the ghettoization of Muslims, with no leadership, education and economic backwardness, isolation the condition of Muslims in MP is not expected to improve any time soon.


Don't Publish Biased Articles has a tendency to publish fake articles like this one & always misguide muslim people & create hatred against other religions especially Hinduism. In this news they say that Bhopal which was a earlier a Muslim Kingdom but hundreds of year ago Bhopal was a kingdom of Hindu Paramar King Raja Bhoj. It was under Muslim dynasty only for 200 Years.

Also, Muslims in MP I believe have the best social bonding with other religions & radicals like you are trying to spoil the bonding. I request you not to publish such stupid articles. If you cant do something good atleast dont do anything bad.

Gentleman.. This we would

Gentleman.. This we would have done 60-70 years back. Open your mind and go with facts and figures. Railways have even taken Urdu out from Bhopal Station. Stop fooling yourself and others. " Ham aah bhi karten hai to ho jaaten hai badnaam, woh qatal bhi karten hai to charcha nahin hota." You have not commented on me, strange...
faruqi - observer

I am commenting on you

when Urdu become a symbol of being Muslim. Its Arabic that defines Muslim or Islam. you need to open your mind and stop making any linguistic or cultural issue in to a communal issue. If you dislike govt of MP move to UP or any place. Urdu is state language of Pakistan. I will encourage you to move there and promote Urdu. Some of the most prosperous Muslims live in India without such patty issues and fluently speak and communicate in English rather than Urdu. BTW Urdu was developed in India and most Urdu words are picked up in Hindi. what bothers you more is the script in which Urdu is written. So can I conclude that you dislike any thing based on Devnagri (orginal Indian) script of writing? you yourself are more communal and blaming others for the same. Get matured.

Me and others are impressed

Me and others are impressed by your kind thoughts and wishing you and others to express few words on diffirent topic beside Urdu, as Show must go on, but please have more courage to give full name and particulars, otherwise one-sidedly boat will get drowned. But I am nearly 70 yrs, aur ham nahin sudhrengen...

Follow Qur'an

Follow QUR'AN Surah 4/97-

When the angels take the soul of those who die in sin,

They say: "In what plight where YOU"?????

They replay: "weak and oppressed were we in EARTH." (in MP that is HINDU PRADESH)

They say: "Was not the Earth of Allah spacious

enough for YOU to move yourself away (from evil)??"

Such men will find their abode in HELL

What an evil refuge!

So get out of HELL FIRE. Get out of MP & may be even India

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and what do you expect? that

and what do you expect?
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Unhappy in India???????

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If Muslim Rulers wanted they could have innihilated the non-Musl

If generally the Muslim rulers were not just, they could have simply innihilated the whole non-muslim population of India with impunity or would have converted them by force to Islam. But nothing happened as such, they came here and stayed here and developed India and gave it culture and architecture when India was divided with so many small states and the status of woman and downtrodden classes was worst than animals. You have to be thankful to the Muslim rulers, otherwise there is not even a single monument made my Hindu kings which brings revenue to India like the Muslim Architectures. Give us control of our waqf properties and we dont need anything from you. Leave us to ourselves and we can manage our poor bros and sisters. Our Islamic system of justice, donations, zakat is enough for us to sustain ourselves. Pl do away from us. We dont ever expect anything good from Indian govt. but refrain from supressing us. Remember everything has got a limit. Even a cat if pushed against a wall will retaliate. Beware before its too late.

Rab-al-alamin (not) Rab-al-Muslimeen

India is a country which your Grandparents preferred to stay in, after partition. If you have any problem then why don't you emigrate to Pakistan. Ohh!! Pakistan has closed its door for its own people "Stranded Pakistanis" in Bangladesh.
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U do not seem to be knowing history. The Marathas defeated the Mughals and that is why Muslim rule in India ended. Moghuls were king inly in and around Delhi.

what a fool you are

Politicians does not have religion. Indian politicians have gobble all the asset of hindu temples and now the next obvious is muslim. so you can scream at the top of your voice nothing is going to happen as there are enough purchasable muslim who will support this for few pennies.

A blind belief brother

Brother .. Eid Mubarak ....
It is again the same blind belief that so many ignorant Muslim brothers have. When 300 years of armed Britishers can not change the religion of the land how could have been the so called Muslim rulers who only ruled pockets of this wider nation directly, converted the religion of the people even if they had wished? In fact had they tried to impose Islam as Aurangi had tried to do in the end .., Muslim kingdom would have been dethroned much earlier as it happened to the Mughals after Aurangi ... All the Indian religions are broad minded and accommodative by nature which had allowed the Muslims to come in and spread, of course it is also true that the lack of foresight and feeling of brotherhood among the Indian kings too have facilitated in letting the Muslim invaders to enter inside and rule for so long period which of course is only a bless in disguise as it had added one more prominent religion to the great nation and had increased the flavor of the society.

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Hinduism is the natural way of life respecting every form of life. Hinduism does not give freedom to kill everyother form of life as given by God to ADAM. if ISLAM is such a spectacular way of life why are the Muslims getting kicked all over the world- look no further- India, Pakistan and Bangladesh became independent together. The present plight of three countries is all to see- is that what ISLAM does to its followers. Muhammad said "You have Your way and I have mine" when he was a NEW PREACHER in MACCA from 610AD (with hardly any followers)till he had to run away to MADINA in 621AD. After he became a successful "MILITARY COMMANDER" at MADINA in 624AD by looting the caravans going to MECCA, he said "that all non-believers -KAFIRS should be killed. Muhammad also remained monogamous with only one wife- KHADEEJA as long as she was alive and after her death in MECCA and his escape from MACCA to MADINA married more than 13 women. By thyen Muhammad had become more than 50 years old and the old man Muhammad between 50- 63 years, when he died, married girls as young as 9 year old AYESHA. When the prophet was such how can the religion he propounded be any good.

True Indian

Dont comment when u don't know any thing about Islam u have half knowledge it's every dangerous first of all u read Ur bhgwad Greetha and Puranas under stand Ur religion first I bet u won't be Hindu any more after reading it ok brother

hah u guys listen. muslims

hah u guys listen. muslims are the one who ruled india for 800 years. next tbe britishes who ruled for 400 years. you have just entered past 60 years back. jump back to history and see whats the truth. then comment against ISLAM....

You poor brother , blaming

You poor brother , blaming Islam as you dont know it , whatever for you:
Half Knowledge made you this : I know some day you must come to the cover of Islam, May Allah help you.

by Dr. Zakir Naik


The most popular among the Aryan religions is Hinduism. ‘Hindu’ is actually a Persian word that stands for the inhabitants of the region beyond the Indus Valley. However, in common parlance, Hinduism is a blanket term for an assortment of religious beliefs, most of which are based on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.

There are several sacred scriptures of the Hindus. Among these are the Vedas, Upanishads and the Puranas.


1. The word Veda is derived from vid which means to know, knowledge par excellence or sacred wisdom. There are four principal divisions of the Vedas
(although according to their number, they amount to 1131 out of which about a dozen are available). According to Maha Bhashya of Patanjali, there are 21 branches of Rigveda, 9 types of Atharvaveda, 101 branches of Yajurveda and 1000 of Samveda).

2. The Rigveda, the Yajurveda and the Samveda are considered to be more ancient books and are known as Trai Viddya or the ‘Triple Sciences’. The Rigveda is the oldest and has been compiled in three long and different periods of time. The 4th Veda is the Atharvaveda, which is of a later date.

3. There is no unanimous opinion regarding the date of compilation or revelation of the four Vedas. According to Swami Dayanand, founder of the Arya Samaj, the Vedas were revealed 1310 million years ago. According to other scholars, they are not more than 4000 years old.

4. Similarly, there are differing opinions regarding the places where these books were compiled and the Rishis to whom these Scriptures were given. Inspite of these differences, the Vedas are considered to be the most authentic of the Hindu Scriptures and the real foundations of the Hindu Dharma.


1. The word 'Upanishad' is derived from Upa meaning near, Ni which means down and Shad means to sit. Therefore ‘Upanishad’ means sitting down near. Groups of pupils sit near the teacher to learn from him the secret doctrines.

According to Samkara, ‘Upanishad’ is derived from the root word Sad which means ‘to loosen’, ‘to reach’ or ‘to destroy’, with Upa and ni as prefix; therefore ‘Upanishad’ means Brahma-Knowledge by which ignorance is loosened or destroyed.

2. The number of Upanishads exceeds 200 though the Indian tradition puts it at 108. There are 10 principal Upanishads. However, some consider them to be more than 10, while others 18.

3. The Vedanta meant originally the Upanishads, though the word is now used for the system of philosophy based on the Upanishad. Literally, Vedanta means the end of the Veda, Vedasua-antah, and the conclusion as well as the goal of Vedas. The Upanishads are the concluding portion of the Vedas and chronologically they come at the end of the Vedic period.

4. Some Pundits consider the Upanishads to be more superior to the Vedas.


Next in order of authenticity are the Puranas which are the most widely read scriptures. It is believed that the Puranas contain the history of the creation of the universe, history of the early Aryan tribes, life stories of the divines and deities of the Hindus. It is also believed that the Puranas are revealed books like the Vedas, which were revealed simultaneously with the Vedas or sometime close to it.

Maharishi Vyasa has divided the Puranas into 18 voluminous parts. He also arranged the Vedas under various heads.

Chief among the Puranas is a book known as Bhavishya Purana. It is called so because it is believed to give an account of future events. The Hindus consider it to be the word of God. Maharishi yasa is considered to be just the compiler of the book.


The two epics of Hinduism are the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

A. Ramayana:

According to Ramanuja, the great scholar of Ramayana, there are more than 300 different types of Ramayana: Tulsidas Ramayana, Kumbha Ramayana. Though the outline of Ramayana is same, the details and contents differ.

Valmiki’s Ramayana:

Unlike the Mahabharata, the Ramayana appears to be the work of one person – the sage Valmiki, who probably composed it in the 3rd century BC. Its best-known recension (by Tulsi Das, 1532-1623) consists of 24,000 rhymed couplets of 16-syllable lines organised into 7 books. The poem incorporates many ancient legends and draws on the sacred books of the Vedas. It describes the efforts of Kosala’s heir, Rama, to regain his throne and rescue his wife, Sita, from the demon King of Lanka.

Valmiki's Ramayana is a Hindu epic tradition whose earliest literary version is a Sanskrit poem attributed to the sage Valmiki. Its principal characters are said to present ideal models of personal, familial, and social behavior and hence are considered to exemplify Dharma, the principle of moral order.

B. Mahabharata:

The nucleus of the Mahabharata is the war of eighteen days fought between the Kauravas, the hundred sons of Dhritarashtra and Pandavas, the five sons of Pandu. The epic entails all the circumstances leading upto the war. Involved in this Kurukshetra battle were almost all the kings of India joining either of the two parties. The result of this war was the total annihilation of Kauravas and their party. Yudhishthira, the head of the Pandavas, became the sovereign monarch of Hastinapura. His victory is supposed to symbolise the victory of good over evil. But with the progress of years, new matters and episodes relating to the various aspects of human life, social, economic, political, moral and religious as also fragments of other heroic legends came to be added to the aforesaid nucleus and this phenomenon continued for centuries until it acquired the present shape. The Mahabharata represents a whole literature rather than one single and unified work, and contains many multifarious things.

C. Bhagavad Gita:

Bhagavad Gita is a part of Mahabharata. It is the advice given by Krishna to Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. It contains the essence of the Vedas and is the most popular of all the Hindu Scriptures. It contains 18 chapters.

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most widely read and revered of the works sacred to the Hindus. It is their chief devotional book, and has been for centuries the principal source of religious inspiration for many thousands of Hindus.

The Gita is a dramatic poem, which forms a small part of the larger epic, the Mahabharata. It is included in the sixth book (Bhismaparvan) of the Mahabaharata and documents one tiny event in a huge epic tale.

The Bhagavad Gita tells a story of a moral crisis faced by Arjuna, which is solved through the interaction between Arjuna, a Pandava warrior hesitating before battle, and Krishna, his charioteer and teacher. The Bhagavad Gita relates a brief incident in the main story of a rivalry and eventually a war between two branches of a royal family. In that brief incident - a pause on the battlefield just as the battle is about to begin - Krishna, one chief on one side (also believed to be the Lord incarnate), is presented as responding to the doubts of Arjuna. The poem is the dialogue through which Arjuna’s doubts were resolved by Krishna’s teachings.

Reading is not just understanding ..

Dear Shameem ji,
Thanks a lot for your time spent for quoting parts of the content of Dr Zakir Naik's book. I really agree with you that blaming Islam without understanding it is not wise and in fact utter foolishness. At the same time this theory should be applied to all other religions by so called Muslims also. I have not seen any religion which claims that it is the ultimate way out for the mankind,and all other shall be treated as kaffirs and shall come to the fold of Islam ultimately if they want to save themselves from the hellfire. Until and unless the Muslim scholars drop this self boasting that Islam is the ultimate religion and all others shall only have to follow it ... or all others are just kaffirs,they only fail to bring in the feeling of togetherness among the religions. Dear as Islam is ultimate to you so do my religion is to me. I do not like disrespecting any religion thus I can not disrespect my own religion either. You follow your religion word by word no problem at all but please for the God's sake do not call the others kaffirs. If you keep pitying the other guys and treat them as ignorant just because they are not the namesake Muslims they can not respect you, forget about treating you as their brother. Respect others to be respected by others. Coming to the so called definition of Hindu as it is said to be a miss-spelling of Sindu by Persians is actually not the scholarly work of Dr Zakir Naik it is the sheer misconception which has been propagated by Historians like Romila Thapar and DN Jha and needs to be debated. The word Hidlog was used 70 times in Ashoka Pillars of 3rd BC to refer this region. Greek, Hebrew, Chinese and even pre-Islamic Arabic literatures referred this region similar to Hindu, so please do not attribute the word to a Persian misspell and come out of the 'poor' misconception.